This magazine has to be one of the best magazines *HANDS DOWN* If you are a true fashionista then it is a must that you get this magazine and read it. I have found some really valuable information in this magazine as well as entertaining information. The latest trends are definitely one of the hottest topics in this magazine. I just got the most recent one in the mail and I will be glued to it for the next week or so and I will probably crease a few pages to go back and look at *wink*…..

Career Oriented….Focused on Self ONLY Right Now….

Dear Diary,

There was this word of advice I got from a friend one time that stated….”A guy will always think about himself in the end”….I guess I took that advice and ran with it. I am more focused on my career/myself as a visual merchandiser/stylist/model than EVER right now. I just applied for a Limited Brands position and I will be complete with my Nordstrom application TOMORROW!!!! I will be going on a model call hopefully on Sunday. Next Sat, I will be trying out for America’s Next Top Model. I am on a career high right now.
An interior designer that went to Howard University came into the showroom the other day and she gave me some really good advice…”never show that you are scared when you find something that you really want to do….she said shoot for the stars…..” I am shooting for these dag on stars and I will continue to until I reach my goal =) Wish me luck with my endeavors because I am more ready than ever….
See my name in the lights,

22 Missed Calls….

Dear Diary,

Ok so sometimes I tend to think of myself as person of luck or interesting things tend to happen to me. So while at work doing what I usually do I run into a zip code that has the numbers 22209 which if you separate it, it is 2-22-09, my birthday for this year. This occurred twice at my job for two totally different addresses…what do you think of that. So next I leave my desk and come back and what do I see the number 22 for the number of missed calls that I missed which I found sooooo weird. A lot of times I say to myself that a lot of things either revolve around me or there is just this “magnetic field” that just makes certain things happen to me. I just take everyday in and sometimes I think about my rare occurrences and as to why they happen…..

Franky J.


Ok so I decided why not join the WORLD OF BLOGGING. I have been a person that loves to write in the now, the future, and the what could be. I hope you all enjoy my blog, I will be sure to keep it trendy, fashionable, comedic, and informational. =)