Ok so I always get a NEW LIGHT along this path I call life. So I’m not a religious person but I do have morals. I have friends and family that have given up things for lent. I just decided there are some things I want to do and some things that just have to go for me to keep this positive spurt going.

First, I gave up drinking soda all together. It has been interesting. I dont feel like I have as much energy without it, but I will soon get used to drinking more water and juices. I feel like this will help me live a healthier life. =) I am starting to like water more now.

Second, I have given up on facebook for a while. I just feel like I spend hours on there doing nothing put looking at people’s pages, looking at pictures, and just going there for no dag on reason. I decided I don’t need that in my life right now.

Third, I have a very cute tattoo coming about….can’t disclose it, but I will post pics once I get it, it will be sick, BELIEVE THAT. =)

Ok… back to listening to DRAKE….=)

I Have a Pickle to Pick With U

Ok so my mind is totally bamboozled….I need to know if I’m right or wrong….ok so what is the difference between talking to someone (in my words = wasting my time), dating (in my words = someone of potential boo material), and a relationship (in my words = we are together, we are faithful to each other)….now I need to know am I right or am I wrong….because I am just trying to get this down to a SCIENCE so I can end with all FUTURE mistakes….LMAO

SHA WAM!!!!!!!!!!!

I need to join a dance group/house…whatever it is, I need to join….this ish right here gave me LIFE………seriously….eyes were glued to the dag on screen…watch this…energy from beginning to end….


I found this group on YouTube…..they messed up a lil….but definitely had me excited like I was there at some points….

CHECK THEM OUT…they are called Urban Dance Alliance…I am not sure where they are based out of…..

Love Sex Magic

I am currently addicted to this song……Ciara feat. Justin Timberlake (funny I was just listening to Future Sex Love Songs earlier today…definitely a great album)……I would rather be addicted to the song than what it is talking about it…you feel me…

Check out this video….the guys and the one girl u will notice Served a nice lil dish…u be the judge 😉


I just keep seeing stories about Artists. I guess some people start to make so much money, they forget about REALITY…LOL…

Kanye might get charged for breaking a paparazzi’s camera and doing something to the man….2 years might be the conviction….

Lil Wayne…I am shocked at him…apparently his “Im Dying” song definitely ILLEGALLY sampled some music and he is getting sued…YEP SUED…HAHAHA…is all I can say about that…

Rihanna…she is just to hot to trot…lol…the info I heard about her was pretty minor, she got pulled over for probably drinking a lil too much and driving a lil too reckless….

I wonder what I will hear next….Gossip is fun to read about when it’s not about u…RIGHT? LOL

Dear Diary,

I just have to say, I have some good people in my life. =) Despite how much some of my friends get on my nerves or I get on there nerves, they always give me a good piece of advice or mind.

I just want to thank them for all they do…have done…and will do for me ….I appreciate it. YOU GUYS KEEP ME SANE. =)

Franky J