Ok so I have to thank all of my supporters, you guys got me where I needed to be. I am now Top 50 and I have to make it to the Top 10 spot to win the $500 and a 10 sec commercial for America’s Next Top Model.

I need you guys to get to VOTING…PLEASE AND THANKS..

Go to this link http://www.dc50tv.com/pages/washingtons_top_beauty_vote_top_50/?galleryID=15705#135916 and vote PIC # 17 not 587!!!! THANKS!!!!

SIDENOTE: You can vote as many times as you like. =)

THANKS to all of my supporters…LOVE YALL for REAL!! =)

Stanky Leg Dis…

Ok some of my fellow DC natives…decided to do a Stanky Leg Dis…

Funny thing is, I could actually hear this playing on the radio or being performed in a club. The song rocks hard…”EY EY EY EY, I could do this all day”….LOL!!!
Check it Out for Yourself =P

Dear Diary,

So here I am…just thinking….and thinking. I don’t know right now. I guess I get tired or sick of people after a while. I don’t know what is going on with me. I guess I need some ME time. I start to think a lil too much into things. I guess I’ma do me…LMAO….that is all…no rules…only my rules…time to venture out a little more……
Signed off,
I’ma do ME….

P.S. lolĀ I need to date outside of my race……that’s a thought…that would definitely be venturing out….