Ok so I always get a NEW LIGHT along this path I call life. So I’m not a religious person but I do have morals. I have friends and family that have given up things for lent. I just decided there are some things I want to do and some things that just have to go for me to keep this positive spurt going.

First, I gave up drinking soda all together. It has been interesting. I dont feel like I have as much energy without it, but I will soon get used to drinking more water and juices. I feel like this will help me live a healthier life. =) I am starting to like water more now.

Second, I have given up on facebook for a while. I just feel like I spend hours on there doing nothing put looking at people’s pages, looking at pictures, and just going there for no dag on reason. I decided I don’t need that in my life right now.

Third, I have a very cute tattoo coming about….can’t disclose it, but I will post pics once I get it, it will be sick, BELIEVE THAT. =)

Ok… back to listening to DRAKE….=)

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