So today a friend said to me…wow that’s all you make, I thought you made more. No offense taken love, but you got me thinking here. So I just wanted to know if you all think that money is a serious object?

I just personally think that if you have a job, which a lot of people don’t even HAVE right now, and enjoy it, I say keep doing what you are doing. You will eventually move up or find something better. I am just at a stand still for the time being, but I have been having a lot of thoughts about moving, like out of DC……and when I get to thinking, I start thinking really hard. Chicago seems pretty nice……HMMMM….I am adventurous…not sure what my next move is….but it is conjuring up….BELIEVE THAT….

Dear Diary,

So I spoke with someone that I went to school with that is living in NY. I really want to make my way, but I am 23 and I have yet to know what I want to do EXACTLY. I just have some people here that its like if I left I would miss them. It’s almost like when you get involved with someone and then you decide to make a major move, things rarely work out…….but I mean that’s life, I guess. I just feel like I want to make some moves with my life, but I just need to find someone in NY or I just need to go up and network….or craigslist is always an option….hmmmm….got myself thinking. I really need to make some moves if I am trying to make it doing anything. I feel like sitting around in DC is just not making moves in my opinion…….hmmmm….got myself thinking but thinking to better myself and to bring myself to some reality……

NY…will you be my new home in the Future….don’t know yet

Franky J.

Dear Diary,

So I’ve been away for what seems forever….LOL. I have been really tired lately. I guess I have a lot on my mind and not necessary a lot of bad things on my mind. I might be doing a fashion show at the end of May, we will see. I am waiting on this prize money we won at my job so I can put it towards an Ipod Touch, I need one of those in my life especially since I have a MacBook. I also need them to get my raise together at my job….more money = MORE SMILES….and maybe a car….not sure when, but when I have my eye on something I can’t let it slip away, so we will see.

Until next time…..,


Do Games Make Relationships Work?

Sex in the City….I mean this show just talks about EVERYTHING you need or want to know. …..

This is always a question in the back of people’s heads….I mean a relationship that doesn’t have some kind games (and not all games are bad ones), the relationship could very well get boring…..

Just a thought and I think it make sense….

Season 2 Disc 3 Episode 1 of Sex and the City…DEFINITELY ONE TO SEE……


So I don’t want to say anything about my “situation” brought upon myself…..but my mind is CRAZY……it will get me thinking about things I have no reason thinking about. My mind makes my feelings change in an INSTANT without notice, what the h*ll is that about……I need to think about some things cuz I don’t know what road I am heading or not heading down right now……

In the meantime Sex in the City is handling some situations for me….LOL

Keri Hilson

The NAME speaks for itself…..this woman is a genius…she is a producer/singer/writer. She had a featured article in the EXPRESS paper…this is a DC paper….and the question everyone wanted to know is…

If the Turnin Me On Remix was a dis to Ciara and Beyonce and she said that not all publicity is NOT good publicity and that basically she has her fan base and that is what her music is for…so I guess you take it for what it is…if you are a true fan you won’t even ask is what I took from that…

In the mean time enjoy SLOW DANCE…this song is HOT

Slow Dance – Keri Hilson

Sex in the City Season 1 Episode 7….

Ok so this episode is called The Monogamists….

This episode got me really thinking….you think you are with a guy “exclusively” well at least you think so and you run into him out with another girl. How do you go about handling that? I think us females are the only ones that try to be monogamous. Guys are rarely EVER monogamous unless you are girlfriend and boyfriend and sometimes even then that doesn’t hold to be true.

This episode is like the story of my life…seriously…..

I just had to get this off of my chest….