Round Shades Are IN!!!!

The hot eyewear look of 2008 was pretty much defined by plastic Wayfarer knockoffs, garish neon trapezoids often seen color-coordinated with a plaid shirt and sneakers. Or else it was “shutter shades,” those ventilated blinders popularized by Kanye West.
This summer, however, the memo for sunglasses says circles are in. Very round shapes, as round as goggles in some cases, appeared in the recent women’s collections of Marc Jacobs and Proenza Schouler; and, for men, from Ralph Lauren, Zegna and Lanvin (most costing from $300 to $400). Last month, New York magazine included round sunglasses among the anticipated trends of the summer. And, as predicted, they are already appearing on the streets in numbers not seen since the release of the last Harry Potter book.

Check Me Out in Mine!

Information taken from The New York Times Fashion & Style Section


So I have been inspired to write…

Life comes and goes….
But never forget about the hoes and the foes

Life is full of PHONIES that are fraudulent and fabricated….
Life….they say…you educated on that….
Ha…what that be about…
I don’t know they say…
I say D.R.E.A.M.’s is what life be about…
I D.R.E.A.M….


Dear Diary,

Today must have an entry…

It was a scary, gloomy, sad…all in one day in DC this afternoon….

I am sooooo…soooo happy, I did not hear of any of my friends or family being on the train…I mean the pictures are just so graphic…my condolences definitely go out to those families.

Today I just walked my way home because driving in my neighborhood was just crazy, I saw at least 20 ambulances…helicopters flying over my head, streets were blocked off. Madness….so many friends and family checked on me…I really felt loved and cared about.

I walked myself over to my best friends house since it was on the way home. It was great seeing her. She is like the sense talker for me…it’s like my best friends always have the right things to say and we just connect on another level that I can’t even explain. We ran into this woman and somehow we got on the convo about marriage and how you should go about it. She went into stuff as deep as salaries should not be kept secret….I mean this was a 40sumthin year old…telling us some vital info. I was really taking in what she was saying because as I always say, older woman know stuff.

My best friend is getting married very soon…=) It will be beautiful! I can’t wait…got to start looking for a wedding gift soon.

Sad day in DC,
Franky J

Laura Izibor

Ok so I am at work, but on break…LOL…

I totally forgot to add to my blog that I went to see Laura Izibor 2 days ago. She is from Dublin, Ireland. Her accent is so different, but I love it. (Sidenote: I wish I had an accent…LOL) I mean she is awesome. She is like the new and upcoming Alicia Keys. She has opened up for Jill Scott and more.

I will be posting a youtube video of her song “The Worst is Over” and another song that I totally forgot what it is called (tisk tisk..LOL) later today, I can’t get on youtube at work…LOL…

Here is my FAV SONG…makes me see that things aren’t as bad as I sometimes I think they are…


So today was one of those days where I decided to take myself on a date *wink*…LOL

I made my way after work to the Common Threads Exhibit by Jean Shin and I mean it was so inspiring on top of the contemporary art exhibit. I mean Jean Shin’s lay out was sooooo cool. She had this tower of empty pill bottles….who would have thought to do that….and my fav was “CHANCE CITY”. This had over 32,000 losing lottery tickets made into towers and this city was basically about taking chances. I can totally dig that. =)

Here is a pic of “Chance City”

This is the Contemporary Art Exhibit….I saw so many awesome things in this exhibit…I am INSPIRED!

I hope this post gets you guys to go see the greatness that DC has to offer for *FREE*

For more info on the Jean Shin exhibit, visit

Dear Diary,

Despite my sucky situation, I modeled in a show yesterday called “Work the Office, Spice the Interview, Impress the Client: Business Couture Fashion Event” which showcased clothing from T. Simone (, Nauki Designs, clothing donated to Succes in Style ( and ZiZi Boutique right in Adams Morgan (

All the clothes were GREAT! The designers were great at what they do. I will hopefully be doing more work with them. I will have pics soon to post later on. I will be making some future purchases with all the designers and I might try to do a lil side internship with ZiZi Boutique, they have some exclusive clothing. They don’t have your average Forever 21 pieces or prices, but I would definitely still make purchases because it is different and most likely no one else would have it.

A Jacket from ZiZI Boutique….funny thing is, I saw this in the Express paper, but I had never been there before. Things in my life just tend to happen for a reason.

A Dress from T. Simone Designs…this my GIRL right here =) Our story is we did a show in Greensboro in Dec of 08 and said we would keep in touch but a lot has happened since then and so yesterday me and her did a show and we looked at each other like I remember you, but both of us had different hairstyles at the time so it was definitely a reunion I needed. I am definitely keeping in touch this time around. =) I’ll be in Charlotte sooner than later =)


All I can say right now is FCUK! LOL….

Sometimes I feel like my thoughts go on a rampage….it’s like my mind is a story book waitn’ to be written.

Feeling like Kanye in Paranoid…..

I need these pills to kick in…need sleep…need thoughts to STOP!