Ok so I got this mascara for free when Macy’s had this lawsuit against them for overcharging for a lot of their cosmetic products. It is really sad how companies try to run over us even when they know all a long they were doing us dirty. TISK TISK…thanks for the free mascara that I just recently lost.

The point of this entry is to personally advertise this great mascara that is normally $34 that I grabbed at a bargain of $12 at Douglas…so EXCITED. It definitely made my day because my weekend search was going to be to find this mascara. It makes your lashes look AMAZING! Check out the pic below…the lashes are on 1000 =)

K. White! Remember that Name

A dear, dear friend of mine is participating in a Sidewalk Sale EXTRAVAGANZA. She makes bags/pusrses and does appliques on t-shirts. Her skills go beyond great.

She now has a website, make sure you check it OUT! K White Homepage

She has an upcoming event this weekend in DC. Here is the info:
It is time to Fabricate Your Lifestyle. Come out this weekend (August 1 & 2, 2009 -11am -7pm) to the U STREET SIDEWALK SALE EXTRAVAGANZA. She will be setting up shop at Zawadi Boutique, located at 1524 U Street NW, Washington, DC.

Here is a picture (me as the model…LOL) of one of her many beautiful creations.

MORE BAGS including the one above.

Dear Diary,

I am taking a leave of absence, but I will be back. Got some things coming into play VERY soon…just know that.

Signed Off,
Franky J


Ok so if you have never heard of or been to a Sneaker Pimps event that takes place in DC as well as other places, you are definitely missing out. This event brings out all kinds of artists for the cost of only $20. I got to see J. Cole, Wale, the Clipse, Phil Ade, and some other artists I have never heard of. I definitely had a blast.

Check Out My Pics from the Event!

Phil Ade…this guy rocks and he is from the AREA!

J. Cole


Sophia Fresh Ft. Kanye

This song right here, which I heard a minute ago, but I couldn’t figure out whose song it was is SICK…like omg!…I love GREAT MUSIC!

Listen to the hot song and check out the hot choreography, I live for DANCE if you didn’t know. The dance floor is MY PLAYGROUND. =)