She’s In!

Ok so I am in the DC Fashion Week, Fashion Show on Sept 20th at 6pm at the Embassy of France. I have not yet met the designers yet, so I will be seeing them Sept 13th to see if my height will still be an issue with their designs. Either way I am ripping the runway…OK! LOL

Tickets are a little steep but if you want to see some Couture lines and things that you don’t get to see everyday, I think this will be well worth your time and money.

Come Get Your Ticket!

If I can get a group of 10 – 20 to come to the show, their will be a discount on your ticket but you must go through me. =)

Barney’s NEW YORK

If you are near a Barney’s, you should probably think about hitting one up because they are having a sale as well as if you bring in a pair of old jeans, you can get 20% off a new pair only until the 30th or 31st of this month. =)

I love the Barney’s in Georgetown! Hopefully I will be making a stop their if it doesn’t rain on us on our “Thrift Store” adventure. LOL

DC Restaurant Week

It’s almost over, well on Sunday it is.

I will be going on a date with my chicas to Rosa Mexicano for Restaurant Week. I heard the food is great and the resturant looks really really nice…I CANT WAIT. =) It is located right in the midst of the busy but my favorite place to be, Gallery Place/Chinatown.

My Review:
Ok so we canceled the Thirft Store adventure because we were so tired after eating loads of food from Rosa Mexicano. I didn’t get to try the famous guacamole cuz someone was running a lil late, but what I did get was this crispy chicken taco (DELICIOUS), an enchilada in some sauce that was a bit much for me (I had to save half of it cuz I was so full), and dessert was honestly THE BEST PART, I got some kind of cheesecake that was made into a circle with loads of caramel in the middle of it. Sweets are a lot of the time not my favorite, but I would definitely go there just for that cheesecake. =)

Dear Diary,

I am almost done with week one of working 9 to 5 and then 6 to 10, yes you definitely read correctly. LOL! I must say that Victoria’s Secret is not as bad as I thought quite yet (so I am told LOL). I did finally hear something back from the DC Fashion Week model call, they want me to try out AGAIN on Saturday! OMG! I just need a yes or a no, like seriously. I hate back and forth stuff. I will just make sure I bring the two pics Ron the Photographer =) sent me. Those pics are great! Wish me luck again my peoples and I will probably be in the house tonight blogging on stuff I have seen and heard about throughout the week.

Enjoy Your Friday,
Franky J

Dear Diary,

Lately I must admit that a lot of greatness has been going on around me. I guess like they always say, it takes a major storm and after that there is light. I am a believer. =) I tried out for the Runway show for DC Fashion Week and got a maybe which means I am someone out of 25 maybes that might get chosen. I am only like 5’5″ which is not the regular runway height but hey I took a chance and now I have to wait tomorrow to get results. I’m not getting my hopes up, if it happens, it happens. If it doesn’t…life goes on.

I will start a new career journey this week on top of the 9-5 I already have. I will be training to be a csl (sales lead/manager) at Victoria’s Secret. I am not going to be doing much blogging during the week because I will be getting in the house at probably almost 11pm. I will be eating then sleeping, but the money that I will be getting will be being saved for whenever I decide to make that move to NY.

Soon to Be Workaholic,
Franky J

Interview with Lola Maxwell

What is your Bio?
Umm, most people know me as Jillz but on the stage im Lola, haha. I’m from DC, southeast to be specific. Im currently attending VCU for fashion merchandising, in my junior year.

Who were artists that influenced you?
Maannn, so many! Q-tip, Lauryn Hill, Erykah Badu, Biggie Smalls, Mos Def, Andre 3000, Busta Rhymes, Kelis, MC Lyte, Missy Elliott

Who is your favorite artist/s? (I remember you saying Busta Rhymes on your cd =)
Haha, yep Busta is one of my fav artists, he’s so creative & wild with it! Andre 3000, of course, Mos Def, and Biggie.

About your recent album and if it can be uploaded.
“Check the Rhyme” was meant to be just something “slight” for the summer time. Nothing too heavy, but would love for it to be played in heavy rotation, haha. I was actually surprised when I got back the feedback I did. The artist is always the most critical of his/her work, so with that said I didn’t really think it was that hot. But, I guess I was wrong! People are feeling it and getting the idea of my “flow”. The purpose of the project was to actually get people to hear my lyricism, that’s why I mainly chose beats many would be familiar with. These are the sites with the download link:

Your next performance : This Thursday, Aug 20th @ the Element Lounge in Richmond, VA for the “No Doze Show”, showcasing a lot of talent from Virginia

Websites, blogs, twitter:

Be on the Lookout for:
“From the Planet of the Greats…” is her next project and will be dropping this Fall!


The MUST have GLASSES of the Future. =)

I randomly ran across this guy on twitter and discovered some of the coolest shades I have ever seen. I remembered seeing the glasses in someone’s photoshoot that they did. These shades are apparently about to sweep the nation, be on the lookout. =)

Some background info on StevieBoi:

The glasses can be purchased at
The glasses can also be purchased in stores in Tokyo and also at a Boutique in Baltimore, MD called Cult.

He will be doing the giftbags for some celebrity events such as August 22nd at The Brimestone Roast which features singers such as Ginuwine, Mya, and Missy Elliot.

He states that the concept of the glasses have been around. He always had a concept of eyewear. He said for some odd reason he would rather cover his eyes in the public, so he always wore dark shades. This is just his creative twist to everything.

Check out my friend Jimmy sporting the StevieBoi Shades

District 9

I am a sci-fi/scary movie FANATIC! Seriously! I just read a review for this movie and it got a perfect 10! You rarely have movies coming out that get a perfect 10 these days…I am hoping to see this movie sometime this weekend…it is a MUST!

OK SO I WENT TO SEE IT! The previews don’t totally show what it is about which makes it even more interesting. This movie showed a lot of symbolism in my opinion and the action and twists had you GOING! GO SEE IT! =)

Beat Ya Feet Kings

DC is making its way in more ways than one. Go-Go is being played in NC on the radio…CRAZY right? I know. It is just amazing me that talent from the Metro area is finally being respected and NOTICED. It has taken long enough and it is about TIME.

The Beat Ya Feet Kings are on America’s Best Dance Crew….I will definitely be glued to the tube on Sunday nights, its not a game…I have my other favorites but I will blog about them to show love to DC…ALL DAY…seriously… =)