The MUST have GLASSES of the Future. =)

I randomly ran across this guy on twitter and discovered some of the coolest shades I have ever seen. I remembered seeing the glasses in someone’s photoshoot that they did. These shades are apparently about to sweep the nation, be on the lookout. =)

Some background info on StevieBoi:

The glasses can be purchased at
The glasses can also be purchased in stores in Tokyo and also at a Boutique in Baltimore, MD called Cult.

He will be doing the giftbags for some celebrity events such as August 22nd at The Brimestone Roast which features singers such as Ginuwine, Mya, and Missy Elliot.

He states that the concept of the glasses have been around. He always had a concept of eyewear. He said for some odd reason he would rather cover his eyes in the public, so he always wore dark shades. This is just his creative twist to everything.

Check out my friend Jimmy sporting the StevieBoi Shades

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