Conceited Clothing By Constance

Conceited clothing was established September 2007, specializing in creating unique one of a kind designs like band and dance uniforms, prom and wedding dresses, parties etc. If you can think it, she can make it. The motto of the company is “because it IS all about you!”. The designs at Conceited Clothing are designed specifically for the consumer, and no custom designed outfit is ever duplicated, so you can assure that your garment is original.

Constance enjoys being different, and as a student in high school she started making her own clothes because she was very ‘shapely’ and there wasn’t a lot of clothes that fit her that she liked. She attended NC A&T State University (AGGIE PRIDE! Sorry, I had to yell that) in 2002 and graduated with a degree in Fashion Merchandising and Design and a minor in Entrepreneurship. The website isn’t up yet, but her contact is (336) 512-6936. She can also be contacted through her email,

Here are some pics of the clothing she’s made:


So for the shoot that I just did, there was a girl there by the name of Raishawn. All we had was fabric, scissors, and safety pins for the first scene. When I say this chic did some miracles, Couture needs to give her a CALL!!! LOL Seriously. She was very talented and made every outfit work for every person. I can’t wait for you all to see the picture from the first scene of the shoot. Just imagine America’s Next Top Model and that is all…I will leave you all to your imagination.

In the mean time, she needs some followers…so check her out and look at some of her work:

Back on the Purple Lipstick Hunt!

Ok so a fellow tweeter gave me a heads up about a new purple that is coming out for Mac called Midnight Media. The purple is pretty intense. I am hoping that it is everything I want and more…..we shall see. In the mean time here is a pic of the Midnight Media.


This was one of the scariest/most adventurous things I did in my life. The first go round, I was shaking in my knees, but next thing you know I’m on the bar with no hands…LOL….it was AMAZING. If you live in the DC/MD area, I would definitely recommend doing it. There is apparently a small percentage of people who have ever done trapeze. I am planning on going again sometime in the near future. Enjoy the video! =)


Ok…I could not wait to write about this experience. It’s like being a monkey, climbing walls, jumping over stuff at the same time while running. When I say the work out was like I was at a serious track practice, I had to catch my breath. I am small but yet athletic and I LOVE TO WORK OUT! =) For all those people who are athletic or who once were, this is definitely something you would enjoy. The class was filled with guys. There were only 3 females, including myself, WE HELD IT DOWN. =) I was running against walls, jumping over this high up object and jumping on a small ledge to practice keeping my balance. The most tiring thing was the bear crawl, yes I said bear crawl, but I must have been killing it cuz the instructor kept saying good job Dana, I give all thanks to Couture for making us become characters…LOL. We didn’t get to go outside because time passed us by. We were doing so much…it was a serious workout. The pain will probably kick in tomorrow…and tomorrow brings Trapeze…that will be my next experience entry. =)

Here is a video from YouTube, if you have never heard or seen it before (pause music on the right):

My Apparent Look Alike…Flashback!

Ok in Junior High School, 7th grade is when everyone started to say that I resembled Mya (the singer/dancer). I don’t know what is happening now but apparently people are starting to say I resemble her AGAIN…I guess it’s my high cheekbones…IDK.

Here’s Her Pic: