After I Tested The Waters

Ok, so I took myself to Lord and Taylor to use a gift card my mom gave me on my birthday in February. I went on a serious scavenger hunt for a DEEP purple. I mean I searched high and low starting with Nars. The color that I wrote a review about previously was definitely not as dark as I was hoping it would be and I tried another one from Nars and I LOVED IT. They didn’t end up having anymore. I was directed to another counter with a line called Fashion Fair. It looks like they focus more on women of color. I didn’t quite find my purple that I wanted, but I did find a deep hue that I really liked.

Here is the pic of the lipstick combined with the lipgloss I got with it from Fashion Fair:


A trend that I loved oh so dearly but has been taken beyond Spaceships in Outer Space is Tulle Skirts. I think those were cute at one point. I just think everyone can’t wear them and they are not acceptable at all events. If I am at a fashion event, MAYBE? But if I am at the club partying, that is just way too much. I saw someone post pics of hot messes in those skirts…OMG! It was madness. I just wanted to spit my piece for a second.

Another let it R.I.P. clothing item is LIQUID LEGGINGS! I had some and wore them only once or twice before they became overly annoying and crazy looking *tear* but I have vowed to not wear them again.

Hope this info is informative…LOL….