Ok so I am as you already know a SCI-FI finatic and their is an animated movie that came out TODAY called 9. I first saw the preview when I went to see my favorite summer movie, District 9. I might plan to go to the movies on Friday, not sure with whom, but that is the plan.

The reviews were that the plot was so-so but the animation was great. That is all I need to know. LOL I am still going to see it. =)

Sidenote: 9 seems to be a really popular number for movie names…interesting.


So while on twitter yesterday, some friends said that they were listening to Jay-Z’s album. I was slightly confused because I remember the album was supposed to be released on Friday. Come to find out, the whole album was leaked so he decided to just go ahead and put it out. Jay-Z is the man apparently to be able to move up the release date. I guess I will make my way still on Friday like I planned and get it. I heard pretty good reviews, I just hope the greatness still stands once I hear it. =)

Dear Diary,

Ok….so my work week with Vickies is over until Monday. I will be getting it in at the gym, I will be in so much pain on Thursday but it will be pain of joy…LOL. Just blurbing about nothing…been thinking a lot lately about EVERYTHING. No bad thoughts though, just getting things in order in my head. Maybe I can blog about some stuff close to the end of the week.

I am hoping to have a new feature up sometime VERY soon. =)

Until then my loves,
Franky J