NC A&T Homecoming 2009 HIGHLIGHTS

My boyfriend for the weekend…LOL…I loved Rico =)

Mr. and Mrs. Couture at Coronation

Me and my Boo Rae…we get it in…period

Me and some of my great friends….how I miss these people….

I ran into a fellow model I modeled with for DC Fashion Week


Me and a fellow blogger First Class Society

Another fellow blogger….LOVE THE FRO Mika!!!

Halloween brought it outta us….LOL

Celebrity Siting


7 thoughts on “NC A&T Homecoming 2009 HIGHLIGHTS

  1. Homecoming was freakin awsome this year lol AGGIE PRIDE!! U and marcus look so cute haha great costume pick. And thank u very much lol everyone was lovin the fro like they aint never seen one b4 haha

  2. Mika, homecoming was definitely one for the books just because it was on Halloween…LOL. Not too many people can get their hair long enough so a nice fro is always admired. =)

    Corey, it was definitely great finally meeting someone I have talked a bit to online, in person. Hopefully I'll be making my way to Homecoming next year, we shall see…I might not even be in DC if everything goes my way. =)

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