Restaurant Week 2010

Me and my ladies decided to go to McCormick and Schmick’s for a ladies night on Friday and I spent a pretty penny despite them having cheaper prices. I usually don’t like seafood but they made me like it even more. =)

Here are some pics from our ladies night:
My appetizer was calamari…YUMMY!

My bib for my lobster, I definitely didn’t use it LOL

Lobster, YUMMY!!!

Key Lime pie…..birthday cake idea but only from McCormick and Schmick’s

Me and my girls ending our lovely night

On Saturday I decided to do another restaurant for restaurant week with my best friend that I hadn’t seen since my birthday. We decided to go to Chef Geoff. They had the best selection for what you could choose from. It took me like 20 mins to figure out what I wanted. The crazy thing about this outing is that we were eating right across the street from the Warner Theater which is where the BET Honors were taking place. I wish we had dinner because we would have probably seen some of the celebs pulling up.

Here are some pics:

Raspberry Lemonade…YUM!!!

Mozarella Balls…YUMMY TWICE lol

Lamb Burger…this was interesting, I’ll probably never get it again…LOL

Warm Brownie with Vanilla Bean Ice Cream…this tasted like heaven…whatever that tastes like

Me and my bestest since 6th grade =)

Warner Theater

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