Ok so when I found out a fellow Couturian (Couture Productions Member/Dancer) was going to be on ABDC (America’s Best Dance Crew) I was ESTATIC! A lot of people would say omg…why do ya’ll take Couture so seriously??!?!?! Because Couture is a stepping stone to meet others that have the same passion as you and from there you can also learn things that you would have never even known how to do.

I can say when I joined Couture Dance…I knew nothing about B-More dancing and when I joined I soon learned quite a few things. I think I could go head to head with someone from B-MORE…HA! =P

But anyways back to how excited I am to watch ABDC and see a fellow friend/couture member doing what they do best as well as love to do. I am proud and will be tuning in every week if I can. Even if I didn’t know anyone in Swagger Crew, I thought they were pretty good. I think this year ABDC has to bring the heat back because they were losing me last year a little so big props to that….

Check out Kentrell in the bottom right corner with Swagger Crew from ATL…HEY KENTRELL!! LOL =P


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