Carlitta Durand…..

Who is Carlitta Durand, she is this soulful singer that brings joy to the ears from Durham, NC. I am not saying this just to say it. I first heard her sing at the Art Lifestyle event that I hosted (that was the first time I ever hosted anything). It was a packed house and I had a blast. Carlitta really just caught my eye because some girls sing but she SANG! I loved every minute of it.

She has a new mixtape out and and here is a brief summary about the ep. The whole ep was produced by DC native Vaughn Garcia (of the M1 Paltoon). The ep title wasnt inspired by anything, Vaughn and Carlitta were just brainstorming and started throwing out funny titles and decided to stayed with The Doug and Patty ep. The ep was just a Christmas gift for anyone who would listen. They recorded the ep in one weekend in DC. It was all written by Carlitta.
Here is the link to download the “The Doug and Patty Ep”: The Doug and Patty EP LINK


For tickets to event go to: The Pour House Music Hall

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