Ok so I have been wanting to post this since forever but was waiting to spill the Spring Fashions for this website but not sure what is going on with that….

But what this spring brings is pastels, floral prints, fun purses….(purses will come in all colors and shapes *wink*), clogs….yes clogs (I was trying to find the video on DMV Unplugged from an Editor for Giant magazine telling us to watch out for those shoes this Spring…she said this at the 4all Fashion Show in the Fall), and the color BLUE will be seen throughout these streets!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here are some pics of what we have been been waiting to see for the Spring….GET YOUR CAMERAS ready!!! LOL!!!

Floral Printed Dress

This is an example of some of the fun purses coming out this Spring. A lot of floral shapes, and ikat prints, and just bright designs.

Clogs are back and in full EFFECT!!!!!!! Chanel had every model in a pair for the Spring 2010 show….I never noticed but keep your eyes out for the attack of the clogs…I might have to get myself a pair ;-P

H&M wouldn’t let me copy any pics but BLUE is going to be sooooo in!!!
Last but not least, SHAPEY (made up word) and fun shades….they are coming for us…and I love them! I might just be purchasing these black ones on top, I can’t keep my eyes off of them.


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