Call it Triple C

The Capital City Cheesecake is opening right in my neighborhood, Takoma Park. They will be making it an all day event. The grand opening will be held on Saturday, May 1st, from 9:00 am – 8:00 pm. Guests will be treated to a wide array of pastry samples, door prizes, live music, and so much more.

7071 Carroll Avenue, Takoma Park, MD 20912

(Info via The Thrillist)

I shall definitely be making my way here on Sat to do a little shopping in the neighborhood for a friend and to check out the new cheesecake spot, they DELIVER!!!! WOOHOO! LOL

My Review: The mini cheesecakes are about $2.50 a piece (they are tiny bundles of joy). The hours at this place are early hours from 9am to 2pm so this would be a cute breakfast spot and they deliver which is pretty cool. A surprise for mommy’s day in the AM…that would be a sweet or if a couple wants to do something sweet for each other, this would be a cool place to get to deliver to your doorstep. I can see this place going far as a cute little stop in a local neighborhood such as mine.

Men’s Event

I guess I decided to switch it up a little and post a men’s event because I think men should be able to indulge in fashionable events as well….what’s life without a fly guy. *wink*

The event is taking place at:

Ledbury Shirts Pop-Up Store
3214 O St NW
(at Wisconsin Ave)
Washington, DC 20007

Time: Next Wednesday, 6:30-9pm

To RSVP email to this address:

Why Ledbury


Unlike most shirtmakers our collars (which are sewn on separately) are fused from the outside in, this helps them remain standing and looking great under a blazer or sweater.


A lowered second button creates the perfect V at the neckline. Preventing the shirt from being buttoned too high or too low in a smart casual setting.


Only the finest Super 100s, Super 120s and Super 140s Italian woven two-fold cotton.

(Info via UrbanDaddy)

Dear Diary,

I am sitting here at my desk at work having a million things running through my head like…”I wish I could be in NY like tomorrow”….”I’m over my job”…..”I need something NEW!!”….and “I NEED MORE TIME IN A DAY!!!”. These are all things I am dealing with right at this moment. I have two graduations to go to on back to back weekends and both are out of town. I guess I will get my relaxing/sleeping time in route to these great events. *smile* I still have to get my mom a mother’s day gift…get my bff a gift for graduating and find my sister something which should be pretty easy but time is TICKING!!! I work like a dog so when my weekends come, they are full already before the week is even over. The weekends all include things I want to be doing but they are just very time consuming. I guess my hardwork will pay off one day, just not sure when that day will come, feel me….

To less sleep…lol…
-Franky J

Czech Fresh Design

I ran across in the Express newspaper that the Embassy of Czech Republic is having an exhibit to showcase talent from their counrty and it sounded pretty cool. The times that this place is open, I would never make it to see the exhibit unfortunately and I am not sure if it is free but it does say open to the public. So, if you love artsy things and are into animation and graphic design, this is the exhibit for you.

For more info go to: Czech Fresh Design

Math Scares Me to THIS DAY!

So I went by my local library because it happened to be open and I always seem to find books that I need in my life or the City Paper which always has some juicy stuff in it. I have been so busy lately andI haven’t been able to sit my butt down. I can not wait until I can sit down and just read without any interruptions…well until that day, I’ll be dibbling and dabbling.

I got out a book called Mathematics Minus Fear and so far so good. It is just explaining my life in school with math to a T. I would be the student to not catch eye contact with the teacher because I definitely didn’t know the answer…LOL. I had my best math teachers in life in the 4th and 5th grade and in the 12th grade and after that…that was all she wrote.

I suggest to those that need some guidance or want to relate to a book that eases your fear of math read this book (pictured below).

J Cole Squared

Info via Dats Dope

So I went to see J Cole at Howard and the crowd was THE WORST! I mean I felt like I was at a conservatives convention #ALLSHADE. The crowd wasn’t all that hype, half the crowd knew none of the songs, it wasn’t packed and I paid $12 for all of that. Well luckily he will be performing again this week at UMD FOR FREE!!! I can not believe I had to pay last week at an HBCU but now I get to go for free at UMD…black people be out to get other black people’s money, I AM CONVINCED!!!! SHEESH…we must do better my people…

Well I will be at UMD on Wednesday because J Cole rocked it out last week…I felt like I was at the club…lol…we all had a blast! =)

Video footage shall be posted soon, Wale and Tre from UCB made their guest appearance at Howard…I wonder if they will do it again at UMD…we shall see because that definitely added icing to the cake, we were not expecting that….