SunChips 100% Compostable Bag

I went by Target some days ago and bought the new 100% compostable bag that I knew nothing about at first. I soon discovered that this bag can be left out in the dirt and it will start to decompose over a period of time. This does not mean to continue to litter (word to those that already do it) but it will help keep the environment a little less congested with trash.

The only downside of the bag is that is the loudest bag EVER! When I was going to pay for it, it was making the most sounds. When I was at work, my coworkers were talking to each other and the bag was taking over their conversation…LOL! The chips still tasted the same as they did in the old version of the bag. Another good point is that when I opened the bag, I wasn’t surprised to see the chips were all the way at the bottom, the bag was FULL! Full chip bags just don’t exist these days.

So two thumbs up to SunChips starting a GREEN movement.


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