J Cole Squared

Info via Dats Dope

So I went to see J Cole at Howard and the crowd was THE WORST! I mean I felt like I was at a conservatives convention #ALLSHADE. The crowd wasn’t all that hype, half the crowd knew none of the songs, it wasn’t packed and I paid $12 for all of that. Well luckily he will be performing again this week at UMD FOR FREE!!! I can not believe I had to pay last week at an HBCU but now I get to go for free at UMD…black people be out to get other black people’s money, I AM CONVINCED!!!! SHEESH…we must do better my people…

Well I will be at UMD on Wednesday because J Cole rocked it out last week…I felt like I was at the club…lol…we all had a blast! =)

Video footage shall be posted soon, Wale and Tre from UCB made their guest appearance at Howard…I wonder if they will do it again at UMD…we shall see because that definitely added icing to the cake, we were not expecting that….


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