One Hour Photo (Literally)

While reading through the Express newspaper, something caught my eye immediately. There was an article about an exhibit that will have various photographer’s work up. Some of the photographers are emerging, mid-career, and then they also made a dream list (wonder who put pictures in the exhibit from that list). So from here they put together an exhibit where each photographer’s work will be up for approximately one hour and then they will be taken down (they will either be sold or discarded) and the next photographer’s work goes up. Everyday there are different photographers work up so you can probably go as many times as you like and will probably never see the same thing twice. I thought this sounded pretty great and very CREATIVE. *two snaps* LOL

This exhibit is free and will be taking place at Katzen Arts Center, 4400 Massachusetts Ave. NW. This exhibit will be up from now until June 6, 11am to 4pm. The exhibit will be up Tuesday through Sunday.

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