Event @ Longview Gallery

opening reception

Thursday, July 8, 2010


Passed hors d’ouevres and drinks by Well Dunn Catering and live music by Laissez-Foure.

show dates

July 8 – August 1

Press Release

“Informed Design” strives to expound on the role of art objects within the context of interior design and architecture. This exhibition will feature a sampling of the inventory in our newly launched corporate art consulting branch as well as two architectural design vignettes by leading D.C. architects Ernesto Santalla and David Jameson.

Rather than neglecting the gallery space as merely a support to the works of art that hang in it, “Informed Design” demonstrates how artworks can shape an interior or interact with space in a way that offers the viewer a heightened aesthetic experience. “Informed Design” aims to explore the relationship between art and architecture, arguing that superlative works of art establish a dialogue with the architecture that it graces


Joan Konkel
Anne Marchand
Tory Cowles
Steve Griffin
Patricia Burns
Wanda Wainsten
Susan Finsen

With architectural installations by Ernesto M. Santalla of Studio Santalla and David Jameson of David Jameson Architect Inc. featuring artwork by:

Barbara Joseph Liotta
Ralph Turturro
Steve Cushner
Mary Early
James Huckenphaler
Jackie Hoysted

long view gallery

1234 Ninth St, Washington, DC 20001


By July 5 to info@longviewgallery.com or 202.232.4788

Crazy thing is that I know this designer, Ernesto M. Santalla of Studio Santalla. He has been to my showroom many times. =) I didn’t think to look until he came in today and was taking to one of my coworkers about Longview…..

Franky J Has Captured Your Style TWICE #miamistyle

While in Miami, I decided to catch a few trendsetters. Most people go to Miami on vacation and wear bathing suits so it’s sometimes hard to find fashionable people there other than when it is time to get ready for the club.

On my way from a networking party for the Black Film Festival, I ran into two lovely ladies. The sleeves of the top on the left caught me from a mile away and I had to stop and take her picture. The lady on the right had gray which is one of my favorite colors for shoes so she had to be included in the style capture feature. These natives of Miami definitely gave me what I needed.

Next was a club run into. I actually peeped this guy before we went into the club, I thought the way he put this ensemble together was quite debonair to say the least. I love bow ties on guys and for some reason the color red on guys was pretty popular in Miami. I would like to see more guys in red. 


The Dana Platform

As soon I saw this shoe I fell in love and guess what added the icing to MY cake…the name of the shoe is the Dana Platform *eyes twinkling* LOL!
Shoe by Butter

My Life is Bittersweet WITH U!

So I got an email from CityShopGirl about TangySweet giving away free yogurt today from 4 – 6pm! And guess what else I found out? I found out this spot is owned by a guy named Aaron Gordon that went to WILSON SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL, my high school that I went to. I thought that was freakin’ amazing. There are some pretty great people that came out of my high school. I might have to stop at this place after I go to the dentist, I must make sure my teeth are in order and then I can INDULGE!!!! =)

I also saw that the Dreamgirls on Broadway will be here August 7th. Tickets are in the 100’s but it will probably be an excellent play. This is something to think about, but I am tempted…..