Looking to Get Your Feet Wet This Summer??

I am always the only person that wants to get in the pool and just have fun. Everyone is always worried about their hair…LET IT GO and BE FREE!!! =) It is the summer time after all. We had an extremely long winter so it’s time to get in the water and have a little fun.

While on my skim through the Express newspaper I saw places that you can go and swim and be around others around your age. There was one that caught my eye which is at the Capitol Skyline Hotel (10 I St. SW; 202-488-7500) They have one pool party on Saturday that is called Brightest Young Things’ and one on Sunday called Spike’d Sundays. It costs $15 to go but it sounds pretty great and the pool looks pretty amazing. I always looked at this hotel as run down until I saw the pictures on the website and I was slightly intrigued. I will definitely have to check this spot out.

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