ReCap from the Donovan Rooftop Party

Last week, I got picked to do a show at the Donovan Hotel on a last minute thing but boy was it worth it. I had fun and got to chit chat and meet a few new people that do various things in the DC area. The show was in part with the Polo Cup which works with the Salahi’s (what a coincidence right?!) but they were pretty nice. I had a good time and I ran into quite a few people I did DC Fashion Week with, what a small…small world. I am honestly reminded of that everyday…lol and not in a bad way.

Take a peek at the event:


Doing the Champion Hand Shake =P

I have reached 70 followers on this blog….I really do appreciate the love, like seriously. This blog started as a whatever kind of thing and how it has taken me places and people have actually come and checked it out. I seriously appreciate the love. I just hope at some point my website is as widely looked at as my blog but it takes time and I am patient. =)

On another note, I went to a local DC artists’ blog, Lola Maxwell (love her!!!), and she had a post of J Cole at Xavier. I love him as an artist….check out the footage of what I got to see twice and he did great both times…SERIOUSLY!

Check out the video here: