Ever heard of Bill Cunningham?

He is an 80 year old photographer, YES 80 YEARS OLD!, that takes pictures for the “Sunday Styles” section in the New York Times. There was a documentary made about his work and will most likely show him going around NY catching fashion trends through his camera lense.  The documentary will also show how he gets around on a bike and lives frugally..as most do in NY, it’s EXPENSIVE! This documentary will be playing at the AFI in Silver Spring. I really wanted to see this but the times they are playing it, I will be at work. =(

For more information go to: silverdocs.bside.com

AFI is also having it’s Documentary Festival June 21st to the 27th. I guess this is the normal week of film festivals because there will be the Black Film Festival in Miami starting on Wednesday….hopefully I get to stop to see a film…go to a party….or something….I’ll be in Miami, it’s a MUST! 😉


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