Dear Diary,

Today I woke up from a nightmare….too much on the mind, MAYBE. Well the story goes a little something like this,  me and some other girls got captured  from a weird train station or some weird run down station and taken to this house where we were held as prisoners. We were actually held prisoners in my sisters room in the dream…funny RIGHT?! LOL. We were not allowed to be on our laptops and we were not permitted to leave. It was some huge man who was the big boss but for some reason he wasn’t that scary to us. We were constantly hiding that we were on the computer by hiding them under the mattress or throwing them on the side of the bed. I took this as being symbolic of maybe I’m hiding something from myself??? But what is it??? So then one of the girls decided to escape and they were asking us where she went and we really didn’t know where she went and weren’t disclosing any information if we did know. SISTERHOOD….that’s what I took this dream as.  Friends/sisters you protect them no MATTER WHAT!

My dreams take me on adventures…seriously and most of the time I forget to write them down.

Signing out,
Franky J

Franky J Has Captured Your Style TWICE

Once again this weekend I found two trendsetters per say.

The first woman that I saw was on my walk back to Foggy-Bottom and she was from SOUTH KOREA, a news anchor at that. Her jacket was amazing. She added a slight military edge to her look that was a little more conservative. Her red bag also added flavor to a black and white outfit. This just goes to show that you can wear a different color back with an outfit that doesn’t have many colors involved. Meet Heesung!

The next person that I had to add to my Franky J style catching section is an aspiring stylist/designer from Maryland. I think he is more on the right track than aspiring if you ask me. His outfit was eye-catching because it was a little different from your typical white tee and shorts look. His white tee made a statement and the army fatigue pants were a WIN! I thought the outfit was well put together and it made a statement. Meet Adrian!

A New Wine….

So I made my way to Trader Joe’s on Friday in search of the 2.99 wine but I settled for some wine that was still reasonably priced and might I add went well with the Sangria I created at my friend Autumn’s birthday gathering.

Look at the packaging on the wine….that alone was pretty eye-catching

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Do You Love Your Fabrication?

I know I do. *cheese* Well on Saturday, I made my way to The Beacon rooftop event where my friend Khalila aka K. White showcased her photography and her handmade bags. The turn out was small in the beginning but it soon picked up and people had arrived. The event was very relaxing because it was outdoors and the wind was blowing, so a very nice day.

Take a look at her doing her thing

And look what I ended up wearing out that day….a K.White original bag that she gave me 4 YEARS AGO!
To contact Khalila about her bags feel free to email her at:
Follow her on twitter at: @KWhitesFabric

Friday, My Day Off ADVENTURE!

My job started this whole every other Friday off, paid thing last summer when the recession decided to take over and our paychecks got just a little smaller. Well this summer they gave some of our money back but decided to start the every other Friday again and boy was I excited. This just makes my summer a little more worthwhile. I can use my three day weekends to go on a mini vacation or whatever I feel that I want to do and I LOVE IT!

So my Friday started out with a manicure and pedicure while at first reading my book called D.V. by Diana Vreeland. This book was recommended by someone in the fashion industry and let me tell you….GOOD BOOK SO FAR. But then I looked up from my book and realized the World Cup with USA playing was on so my attention was drawn to that.

After my pampering was done, I headed to Van Ness to go see the Czech Fresh Design exhibit at the Czech Republic Embassy which I never knew where it was and I think my parents, when I was younger, would drive past it all the time.

Well on the start of my adventure this is some of the interesting things that I passed or roads that I had to take to get there:

When I arrived, this is what I saw:

And so I go back on my merry way…..

The last stop I made was in Georgetown at the new Apple store which is where I snagged a free t-shirt and I got to play around on the iPad which I am not a fan of. It hurt my wrists trying to use that thing. I’ll stick with my Macbook and my iPod touch, they make me very very HAPPY! =)

Take a look at the line to get in

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