Franky J Has Captured Your Style TWICE #miamistyle

While in Miami, I decided to catch a few trendsetters. Most people go to Miami on vacation and wear bathing suits so it’s sometimes hard to find fashionable people there other than when it is time to get ready for the club.

On my way from a networking party for the Black Film Festival, I ran into two lovely ladies. The sleeves of the top on the left caught me from a mile away and I had to stop and take her picture. The lady on the right had gray which is one of my favorite colors for shoes so she had to be included in the style capture feature. These natives of Miami definitely gave me what I needed.

Next was a club run into. I actually peeped this guy before we went into the club, I thought the way he put this ensemble together was quite debonair to say the least. I love bow ties on guys and for some reason the color red on guys was pretty popular in Miami. I would like to see more guys in red.