Weekend Edition…The Story of a Girl named Sangria LOL!

So my weekend started off a little earlier, like on Thursday night so I’ll just start from there. I met up with two friends and we went to Drunk-e-Okie at Madams Organ, lots of fun even if the crowd is small. I laughed half the time I was there and by drink number three, I did Papa Roach – Last Resort and Greenlight – Beyonce which I had snuck and wrote my friend’s name but she kept punking out…LOL! I realized how many words from Greenlight that I really didn’t know and this gay guy came up and took over, I was like oooo excuse me lol but all in fun.

So Friday led to lunch with a friend at Busboys and Poets and then met up with my chica that will be leaving me soon and we caught up on her trip to London and Morocco.  Apparently I need to go to London….like within the next 2 or 3 years.  My friend was explaining to me the fashion over there and how men are GENTLEMEN over there, my cup of tea *TOAST*.  She also explained how Morocco was which is a whole other world which is what traveling is all about.

When exploring other cultures and you see what they are like, you sometimes realize how spoiled and dumb some Americans are.  Most of these places, the people speak 2 or 3 languages but us from the US only speak our own language for the most part…including me smh.  It was just some interesting insight in the way of the world and how behind the children are here in the U.S….we all must step our game up and be one with the world.

Next on the list was that I stayed in Friday night because when I’m ready to go and I wait around, I get restless and I am no longer in the mood to hang out so I skyped and got hip to some new blogs I have never seen before and was very pleased.

My Saturday was pretty spontaneous thanks to being invited to a cookout/pool party.  We started out with playing I.Declare.War….let’s just say I was too busy with other things to sit down and learn card games so don’t judge me and oh yeah, I definitely won the game when I was down to about 20 cards…LOL.  I had more Sangria’s than I can count but they were yummy, it tasted like JUICE!  So our next stop was a random stop at Rugged Warehouse which is where I found some amazing boots and some Charles David’s that I shall be going back to get on Thursday if they are still there, #crossingmyfingers.  We then went to my house to discover that the car was gone so metro was our best friend for the evening until we made it to our friends house and from there we drank up and headed to MIO which had an extremely bumpy start but everything pulled through and the party was a success, I had fun.  And at the end of the party there are these poles on Vermont Ave that I was always wanted to take pictures with and discovered that when you touch them, they actually make sounds.  I felt like a little kid at a music store and couldn’t stop making sounds with them.

My Sunday, was all crazy for a little bit.  I ate some fish which was a no-no and never ever again, I almost died…LOL!  I went to a fitting for a shoot that I am doing at the end of the month and I am very pleased with the styling of the shoot as well as the clothing so I am uber exicted.  This is pretty much the gist of my weekend, enjoy the snapshots and video below.

Musical Poles from Dana James on Vimeo.

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