Weekend Edition in ATL SHAWTY

So where do I begin? Oh yeah, so my trip starts out perfect with me getting to the airport with enough time so I don’t have to use my track skills, lol, to run across the airport.  My plane gets there on time and everything, we are heading in the line up to get on the runway for them to say ok we have been asked to hold.  At first I’m like wow, it’s really not meant for me to get to ATL.  Next, we find out that it’s the weather and I actually witnessed some of the lightening while in the air on the plane.  I shut my shutter on my window immediately on the plane. The ride wasn’t as bumpy as I thought it was going to be but we were riding through some crazy clouds, had me a little frightened because mother nature is not one to play with.  So we land and I can breathe again LOL!!!! I can see the lightening but it’s not bad at all. I guess between me getting to the baggage claim, everything changes and due to the lightening storm actually getting there, we can’t get any of our bags that we checked.  I sit in the airport for almost 3 hours but luckily my friends live close by and they just drove back home because the wait was ridiculous which reminds me that I need to write a letter to AirTran because I need a free flight or money reimbursement or something.

My bag finally comes and I finally meet up with my friends despite the traffic going 5 miles an hour around the airport and I am given the gift of a magical drink upon entering the car and I am good to go.  I get ready for my night and I wear my suede lavender beauties to step out the car to walk right in a puddle but thank goodness for the suede protector I put on my shoes but this puddle was serious.  This club was something new for me but when I say I had a blast, I had a blast and got to see friends I haven’t seen in FOREVER!  I had a little model battling session, I just can’t help myself…LOL.  I had a blast!

The next day, me and my best friend were suppose to go to a dance class but I got up, looked at how early it was and realized how crazy I felt and passed back out.  We totally missed the class…LOL! Saturday was a day of Little Five Points and margaritas. I found some AA shorts that were only $12 at a huge consignment shop called Rag-O-Rama, you can’t beat that and they were a hit for my night outfit. We also went to this place called Arden’s Garden and they make fresh and healthy smoothies.  It gave me some energy because my Subway sandwich I got was horrible which meant it was left to go to waste. I went past a stand where a young lady made crocheted earrings and she gave me a pretty good deal, can’t wait to wear those.  I went by a few other stores and one that stood out was WISH, wow….fellas if you are ever in ATL, please do yourself a favor and go downstairs and peep the shoes, a nice collection. I think by this point we were done and ready for margaritas and mexican food.  We went to El Azteca and when I say this food was so good, I can’t even compare it to anything….like nothing.  The margaritas were great and quite potent might I add.

Our night was freaking amazing thanks to the dj…..like wowzers and I was like it’s my last night in ATL so let’s party and we partied and at the end I gave a show…LMAO!!!! You had to be there….

Take a look at some of the snapshots below

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