Where Have You Been?!

I know I have been incognito….I have been exhausted on top of my job hunting but I decided to do some research on the designer I partied with on my last night in NY for NYFW.  The designers name is Kati Stern and her clothing line is called Venexiana.  I had never heard of her, but boy was that party amazing. A violinist got on the table and performed to a song….like it was like I was dreaming, like who does that. All I can say is only in NY. Well anyway we partied on top of the table half of the night because everyone was on the table…LOL. This was a night of party hoping and lastly ended at a spot where I randomly ran into a fellow Aggie, HOW CRAZY. You can’t escape those Aggies.

Here is a link to Kati Stern’s Spring/Summer 2011 Collection: http://formzine.com

Here are some snapshots from the night….

Curtis and I
Nikki Beach
Partying @ Spot #2
Asian Persuasion
Kyle and I *AGGIE PRIDE* lol @ Spot #3 HOW RANDOM!
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