Dear Diary,

Good Evening *in my worse English accent*… has definitely been hard to keep up with this blog, I have a lot on my plate these days. My work schedule has been crazy. Retail is always extra crazy during the Holiday season but more $$$ in my pocket so I am not complaining. I have completed my NYE outfit and I am satisfied. I did pretty well with not over spending for it. I will post the outfit after NYE of course and on my website because it was a bargain outfit.

I need to make sure I am packed and ready to head to the hotel after work tonight because it is no way I am coming home to get my stuff when I will be like 5 or 6 stops from where I need to go on Friday. So tonight = crunch time because tomorrow I will be a workaholic by working both jobs, not sure what I was thinking. Well anyway my new job has been cool even though it has been a lot of work but I am a fast learner so they are really impressed with me. *tooting my own horn* But the Spring collection is soon to appear so the store will be making a 360 with painting and everything else….yes I said painting…lol.

Well I probably won’t be blogging again until 2011 so I hope that everyone has a Happy New Years Eve!!!!!

-Franky J

Black Swan

I took myself to the movies today to see Black Swan. It is an extremely cringing movie in many ways but the ballet is intense and you get a drift of how intense ballet is and the damage it can do to some. This movie had you confused at many points as to what was real and what was fake. It was a great movie! Go see it!

B-Day’s…Engagement Party…and X-Mas Dinner


Last weekend had so many birthday outings and luckily 3 of them were at the same spot. The Park was the place to be other than Shadowroom which was the second stop for most Friday night last weekend. I went to celebrate my friend Toya’s birthday and luckily got to see some of the others whose birthdays were being celebrated there.

The Park was packed and the best place to party was outside surprisingly, DJ Blaze was jamming and they had the heating lanterns out there to keep us all from freezing.

On Saturday I went to pick a vest that was much needed and wanted from Urban Outfitters. I heart that fur vest! Later I met with my boyfriend and we got to my friend’s engagement party extra extra late so I missed seeing a lot of people and enjoying most of the food and liquor…BUMMER! After this we went to a his friend’s Christmas party and I met some really cool people and we had different discussions all night, time definitely passed us by, it was fun!

The next day which was Sunday, I slept the ENTIRE DAY….literally! LOL!

Here are a few pictures from the weekend:

Toast to the Birthday Girl!

Another Birthday Girl! Your outfit was FAB!!!!!! =)

Partying outside…SO MUCH FUN! Great idea PARK!

It’s ME and the BIRTHDAY GIRL! 

It was cold!!!!! Look at Toya’s face…LOL! Everyone valeted their car this night.
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My Weekend in Charlotte

Sheesh….never thought I would get to blog about last weekend but it was epic. I went to Charlotte for my best friend Marcus’ fashion show. He was showcasing new pieces from his line called Allan Marco. The pieces were pretty freaking great! We had a lot of fun doing the show and the feedback from the audience was excellent. They made me excited! LOL!
After the show we went to Marcus’ dance class where went in to Roman’s Revenge. Nicki Minaj goes in on that album. We were hungry all over again after this class and we all went to TGIF to get some slushes and indulge in food. This was a celebration for Marcus’ birthday since we weren’t there to celebrate. We snuck and asked them to bring him a birthday sundae which was YUMMY!
After this we stayed up with our friend C Trapp and watched the dance we did earlier and the fashion only over 100 times….LOL!
The next day we decided to do a little shopping and I found a few treasures that I had to try to fit in my luggage to bring home so I had to be selective. We also made a stop to get something to eat at California Pizza Kitchen and my pizza was pretty amazing. I forgot how good their pizzas were. We later left and headed to a friends house and this night was EPIC! It was full of life and dancing. I got to see some dance battles. It was everything and MORE!
Here is the video from the Fashion Show….ENJOY!!!!

Fashion showcase at the Levine Museum of the New South in Charlotte, NC. Hosted by the R.E.A.L. Orchestra. Visit for more information.

Here is the dance video from the weekend….If you live in Charlotte…I suggest you take this Hip – Hop Groovement class at 8pm at Studio Rush every Friday…my homie GOES IN!!!!

Here are some snapshots from the weekend =)

 Allan Marco busy busy
Me and my brother
Candra….fab makeup!
It’s ME!!!
Birthday BOYYYYY
Chad…how I love thee…u r full of life
HAHA…this pic is hilarious
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Free Event @ Smithsonian Museum of African Art

Saturday, Dec. 11, come check out the Peace Party @ Smithsonian Museum of African Art. 2pm. FREE!

This program, hosted by Holly Bass, showcases Washington, D.C.-based artists who traveled to South Africa and the Taratibu Youth Association Pan Afrikan Drill Performing Company. The two-way cultural exchange involved artists from South Africa and artists — including Carolyn Malachi, Hueman Prophets, and Asheru — from Washington, D.C.’s BloomBars. Bring the whole family for this soulful holiday event celebrating Day of Reconciliation.

Complimentary Eats

Central is crowd sourcing their new menu. Now through December 21 at 9:30 pm, Central will be giving away free samples of a new dish each day to illicit guest commentary and critique. Beginning January 1, Central will offer a bar menu of small plates designed around the guest’s top choice dishes. Among the dishes to be critiqued include tuna nicoise deviled eggs; chick pea fritters with black olive yogurt; chili and cheese steak fries; mini lobster rolls with tarragon mayonnaise and BBQ spare ribs with cole slaw sauce. The featured dish will be paired with a specially priced wine, beer, or cocktail. 
Central Michel Richard 

1001 Pennsylvania Ave
Washington, DC 20004

(Info via CityShopGirl)
P.S. From viewing the website, the food looks really good!