Johnny Walker Tasting

This past weekend, a friend of mine told me about the Johnny Walker tasting downtown and I just so happened to get an email about it as well. So it was a done deal. Some of him and his friends made homemade pizza which = YUMMY!!! Why didn’t I take pictures of the pizza, I don’t even know.

Time was quickly leaving us all so we rushed downtown to a building I had never been in, in my life, but it was BEAUTIFUL! When you walked in, you signed in with an iPad to check into the event. You went through this little questionnaire before you could complete the sign in portion.

Prior to entering the event, you were given a golden nugget which could go toward a mix drink, a shot, or you could just hold onto it as a keepsake. I got a few pictures of all the Johnny Walker’s on display and we all decided to take a picture at the Johnny Walker picture booth which was extra fun and a little complicated since it was quite a few of us.

After about 15 to 20 minutes of waiting around and just admiring all the scenery, we entered another area with huge screens surrounding us and velvet couches with 3 shots waiting for us with a dropper, two mixers, water, and a lurking mini Johnny Walker pin to wear. I immediately put my pin on.

We then went through a series of well put together videos. The first was about the history of Johnny Walker and before we tasted each label, we went through a video of it’s history. The ambassador for Johnny Walker was amazing.



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