Franky J Has Captured Your Style

It has been a good long while since I have had the chance to catch street style. I really should have gotten a picture of myself today, but I can now save that outfit for another day. =)

I was waiting at my metro station and this young lady’s shoes kept catching my eye, I couldn’t resist.


Capitol Deal Happy Hour at Local 16!!!

You’re Invited to The Capitol Deal Happy Hour at Local 16!

When: Thursday, April 21, starting at 5:00pm

Where: 1602 U Street NW Washington, DC 20009

Specials: FREE Peroni and SVEDKA from 5:00pm – 7:00pm, plus $5 Margarita Pizzas all night ($1 for additional toppings).

Once you arrive, look for The Capitol Deal table to check in and learn more about the drink specials. Bring your friends! We look forward to seeing you there.

The Capitol Deal Team
at The Washington Post

Friday = My DAY OFF!

I didnt think this day would have ever COME! I started out with purchasing two $1 lunch deals with livingsocial. I got one for Chix on 11th street off of U street and one at Amsterdam Falafel in Adams Morgan. Would you believe me if I told you I made it to both for lunch…LOL! I was on a mission.

My review of Chix was that it was a really cute spot and I can’t believe I had never stopped in to eat there before. They have a $6.50 lunch special for 1/4 chicken and two sides and they offer students a $1 discount. I shall be taking full advantage with my unexpired student id…LOL! So I got the peruvian chicken, brown rice, cheese and noodles, and the green beans, they called it something else but that’s what they were.

The best part of the meal was the peruvian chicken that I dipped in their mild sauce. The sauce was HEAVEN! Like wow! The cheese and noodles was greater than I was expecting it to be. The rest on the plate was so-so. I’ll have to try another side next time.

The next stop which was like 10 mins from Chix was Amsterdam Falafel in Adams Morgan. There wasn’t a long line at all. I went in and waited in line for about 10 mins. I ordered a small fry which they have another name, frieten, and a regular falafel. I put as much as I could on mine. I munched on the fries and didn’t touch the falafel until later. I need to finish it tonight! lol.

Next, while walking to get to 16th street, I saw Violet Boutique and I remembered that I posted that shop on my website This boutique was so cute! They had different purple hues painted for the walls and one wall was of a purple and black wallpaper. Purple is my favorite color. She told me that purple was the color she painted her apartment once she moved out with her ex-boyfriend. The color represented moving on and to new experiences. =)  Her shop was really cute and the price points weren’t bad at all. I was on a shopping diet but I needed a new wallet and there were some earrings that were amazing. I love supporting local businesses.

I love brand packaging! =) And check out my finds!

Style & Grace 1 Year Anniversary!

I had the pleasure of attending Schuntel’s one year anniverary party for her blog called Style and Grace. The event took place at Currency on 19th street near Connecticut Ave. I had always wanted to stop by this place and glad I was able to stop there and enjoy the event and some of the food. I need to eat there soon! I got a deal to eat there from The Capitol Deal the other day.

Anyway back to the event. We signed in and we were greeted with a beautiful layout of Crumbs Cupcakes, MY FAVORITE!!!!, and models styled by Schuntel in three different looks. The outfits were great! I took a picture with the wonderful Schuntel, very sweet person!!! I left my camera so there are not many pictures unfortunately.

Here are some pictures from the event:::::

Schuntel of Style and Grace and I

Sarea and I
Stinney and I
BUBBLES!!!! *Insert Outro Music*
P.S. The layout for the event was done by

I’ve Got Mail!

On Saturday, I got home and saw a package and knew exactly what it was. I could not wait to open it. When I opened it, I was impressed to see the packaging that had the t-shirts inside. They looked like track batons. One was gold and the other was pink. It was really different and creative.

What was inside of these batons were two different t-shirts from which are pictured below.

How I rocked the “Beauty Face” t-shirt
Make sure you check out the site. I think they have some pretty cool t-shirts for women. =)

My Weekend Adventures

Ok so I haven’t been able to write about my weekends lately, but this past weekend was pretty funfilled sleepless nights due to me working the ENTIRE weekend….UGH! Anyway on Friday I met up with my friend Sade and we got to use my livingsocial deal at The Park and all we owed in the end was $2…major winner! So we drank and ate well…it was fun! We also stayed later to see Ryan Leslie perform. He is an amazing artist…like artistically genius is all I can say about him.

After this we went off to MOOD and while walking there we saw a poetry event going on in this really artsy little spot. It was packed and the poet that was up was phenomenal! He was really good and was really deep. It was wine there which is always great in my book. =) It was art all around us, bodies painted. Just a great atmosphere. We were really glad we stopped. I got to actually meet the body paint artist by the name of BAM…his work is pretty awesome. I look forward to working with him for an upcoming event.

That curl in my face was killing ME! lol

We finally made it to MOOD and it was a cute club. I had never been before this night so I had always wanted to check it out. We stayed here for a little bit and then headed home.

The next day was alllll work and then a model call for an upcoming show on April 30th at Cafe Asia. You all should definitely try to come out! This went well despite how crazy it felt like it was going. Trial and error makes things better in my book. After this I went to see a friend perform and her name is Kamila and she was great! I love her music! The main act was Reesa Renee and the guy behind the music was Tommy that I went to college with and did a lot of the art/music for Couture Productions. I love to see people still doing what they love years later. It’s AMAZING!  But back to Reesa Renee, she put on a show!!!!!! I knew most the songs because of the old group they had called Chosen Generation. They rocked! All females were on the mic.

Kamila doing her thing! She rocked!
Reesa Renee on the mic!

To read more about her and her upcoming performances, go to:

The next day after this was Sunday where I worked and went home and worked on my Glamourina article. I was soooooo tired….like you all have NO IDEA!