Memorial Day Weekend Ehhhhh….

LOL! Well my Memorial Day weekend consisted of working and some play. I headed to the Beacon on Saturday and the line was out the door almost around the corner. We waited in it until it was about the time that another cookout was going on.

Ok ever been to a rooftop cookout??? It’s like the coolest, most relaxing thing!!! I had fun and the food was great. I ran into some old friends which was cool and got to hang out with a friend I hadn’t seen in a while!

On Monday, the day everyone is heading home, I went to a late cookout and the food was AMAZING! It was extremely chill but I enjoyed my chill night.

Here are some pics from the weekend:::::

It’s ME!!! ūüėČ
Adele, I love this girl!!!! =) #funtimes
Rooftop Cookout
Margarita on the ROCKS!

I loved this purse….I am¬†obsessed¬†with BOWS if you didn’t know
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Ok I guess I am on a roll with movies because I sure haven’t been to any in a WHILE! But anyway I had a Fandango deal for two movie tickets and took one of my good friends out to a movie and to dinner.

We went to see Bridesmaids which had me crackingggggggg up! Like I had tears and it really takes something to be funny for me to have tears. Guys and gals loved the movie, like it’s not a girly girly movie to an extent but HI-LAR-I-OUS!

Anyway afterwards I had a another deal to use and guess with who, CURRENT! MY FAV!!!! I wanted to test the waters so I got something out the norm, it was the Chef’s choice which comes with 6 nigiri pieces and one roll which I got the California roll because I love it so much. The first 4 nigiri pieces were AMAZING and a little spicy since they attach them with ginger and the last two were my dare devil side. One of them was cool and I had no idea what it was and the other was EEL….yuck! NEVER AGAIN but I ate it like a soldier but I sipped my water FAST!

Another amazing dish that is only served Tuesday through Thursday is their UDON!!!! YUMMY! Like some of the best UDON I have ever had and it’s only $9 which isn’t too too bad. I mean I will go back there just for a California Roll and Udon.

Afterwards we went to Red Velvet near Gallery Place. I got the cookies and creme cupcake which was ok but the ICING WAS AMAZING! Like I might go back and ask them for a jar of icing, it was PHENOMENAL!

Here are a few pics:::::

Chef’s Choice Nigiri and Sushi Roll¬†
Red Velvet 

Bill Cunningham Documentary RECAP

We started the evening out at Current since the Capitol Deal was offering open bar which was AMAZING! And I got some sushi from there, it was YUMMY! I love Current!

When I found out that Bethesda Row was having all these fashion events going on and that they would be showing Bill Cunningham’s for FREE! I hoped, skiped, and back flipped to it! I heard that the documentary was amazing and it was that. I mean I had moments when I laughed, almost cried, felt for the guy, and admired the guy all at the same time.

Like all he does is take pictures and doesn’t boast about it or do it for the money, like he does it because he LOVES doing it and he just so happens to be amazing at it.

We luckily got to go to the after party event where they fed us and fed us and we got this refreshing drink, like I would go back and get that drink again since it was so good!

Here are some recap pics from that evening::::

Please excuse the bad quality pictures, I was so out of commission with my camera but it works now…WOOHOOO! =)

Art is Life Movement May 15th!!!!!

It is with great pleasure that I cordially invite you to attend the 3rd annual “ART IS LIFE Movement : A Collaboration of Artistic Expression” event! Your presence as one of my esteemed VIP guest would be very much appreciated and honored.Hosted by the lovely, Sherrella La Bella and the dashing Yonathan Elias,¬† This event is a classy and social mix of¬†performing arts, body arts, fashion,¬†music…enough creativity to satisfy¬†the cravings of any and every type of arts¬†enthusiast!
LIVE Music, LIVE Art, and A Runway Presentation you wont soon forget!!
Trunk Show/ Art Gallery  3p- 5p
Show begins at 5p
*Proceeds benefit Face Up 2 Cancer*

Get your ticket here or you can pay at the door!!!!


So I somehow stumbled across a website that sends you samples every month for a small fee. I got my first package today and it was first in a box then you opened it to goodies of a free card, a way to order a free card, and what the samples were that were included in the package.

Here are some pictures:::::

I haven’t used them yet but I will be sure to give my feedback. Not sure how I will be getting pics since my camera just gave out on me due to some water damage. =(

4All Art & Fashion Show Event April 30th

I had the pleasure of helping to put together an event with a friend of mine. We went through 2 models calls, fittings, hundreds of texts and emails and phone calls to make sure our fashion show was AMAZING! It was exactly that, amazing! We had make up artists, hair stylists, wonderful models, and great designers to add their mix to the show.

Here are some pics from the event!!!!

Kelci of Mila and Vintage Fire’s SHOES!! I loved them!

Birthday Girl Michelle!!!! =) 

My hair was in the way….oops!!!¬†

Pics of me Ripping the Runway =) 
Opening Scene
AMA Fashions by Toine
Mila and Fire Vintage!!!