L.E.K.T. NY Style

So I made one of those escapes to NYC and with the LifeKit crew this time. Fun ride for sure! LOL! But anyway this was deja vu for me in NY. Only two years ago I made my way to the Chris Leaan Boutique trunk show at the Dumbo Lofts in Brooklyn but with a designer and it was cold so my memory was slightly different.

I invited everyone I KNEW! Well to later realize I missed some people…sorry guys! =( But anyway as we rode through the city it was soooo many brides getting their pictures taken, like it was amazing. Then when we got near the actual trunk show, there was a bride getting her pictures taken, a “model” getting pictures taken and then after me being lost for a little bit, I found this over pass I remember walking under and they were shooting a dance real under there. When I say NY is full of life, I LOVE IT!

So anyway when we got there it was about time for it to start but just about everyone was setting up shop and I guess with being in visuals, I know how time is of the essence and I love helping set stuff up. So anyway the set up was DOPE!!! It was quite visually appealing. I was impressed with the imagery as well. Their spokesmodel was GORG!!!! Cool chic!

Set Up Pics:::::

Anyway after this I had to eat so got some pizza from a little corner spot and it was DELICIOUS! I love food in NY, it’s always GREAT! I came back and the table was fully set….check it out!!!

I absolutely LOVE this PICTURE!
Check out LifeKit HERE!!!

And then some friends came through and then I decided it was time for me to venture off and talk to some of the vendors.

Check out my friend/designer Imani in her Imanilia piece!!!

My first stop was Copy & Paste which showcased refurbished denim jackets with studs and fabric added to the collar and other locations on the jacket that made them pretty hot. They also had print sweatshirts with Copy & Paste on it which is extra unique name if you ask me. Come to find out their site doesn’t work….tisk tisk. Well here are a few pictures of their booth.

My next stop was Chouchounette which was an excellent stop! She had some awesome pieces! I saw some necklaces that I need to go back on the site and get. And the ‘I Lied’ shirt is now apart of the wardrobe. The slogan was so catchy, I had to have it.  Her site is about ready so here it is www.chouchounette.com
The next stop I made was Monkey Bread which is a book to promote self positivity. It is very creative and cool. I can’t wait to participate in all the things I do in the book. I am going to try to start tomorrow if I can.
This book can be purchased at Barnes and Noble, Amazon.com, and www.monkeybreadbooks.com
(just a sample of what this book will do for you)
The next stop I made was from a familiar face that I met at the first trunk show at Dumbo Lofts. The collection is called Regime which does t-shirts, tanks, and racerback shirts with prints on them for women. The shirts are a good quality as well as are pretty reasonably priced. Check out the flashback post!
Here is Jamel holding up one of his tanks for the Elan Regime Collection::::
Next stop was SWANKY which had shirts with gold chains attacked to them and funky tops with bright colors and lace. I seemed to have walked over while they were doing their interview but it seemed like a cute little collection.
After this there was a table full of vintage jewelry that was amazing! I wish they had more of their jewelry online on their site. They had some really unique pieces and pretty reasonably priced. They had some men’s vintage pieces there as well.  Here is their website to look for yourself www.shopsmak.com
After this I headed back and mixed and mingled with the booths at the first building. The first stop I made was at Rewynd Vintage which happened to have the same business card as me. I have only met one other person with the same business card as me. They had some great pieces!!!!! I have to go and check out their website and so should you www.rewyndvintage.com
The next stop was another vintage shop by the name of Esther Woo Vintage. She has a cool website and she had a sweater on it that I still want! It was soooo cute. She had some cool pieces and her and I talked for a little bit. Natural hair is the talk of the town. Check out her website here.
I lastly stopped at my girl Alley Marie’s booth and she had her one of a kind jewelry displayed. She has some amazing pieces!!!! I am glad to have met her at the first trunk show as well. She has a site and her pieces can be seen on her site www.allymarie.com.
Here are just some left over pics from the event::::
Desert anyone….the oatmeal cookies I got from here were YUMMY!!
Mi amigo James mixing blue, red, and white….the AMERICAN way! =)
View from Rosa Mexicano in NY, right across from the Lincoln Center
BDay Cupcakes fro Armon’s 24th Birthday!!!!
Armon and I….I haven’t seen him in like 4 years….it was great seeing yah and for your birthday!!!! =)

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