Hence the title….I didn’t see the major fireworks but what an AMAZING weekend my friends! The weekend started off after work on Friday. I went to Alero’s for happy hour with my girls. I had to have some matrimonials and some cheese quesadillas! It was delicious! We then headed to The Park to see Talib Kweli perform. He did pretty well and his dj, I bow to you, he did fantab!!!!!

Here are some pics from the evening:::

Talib doing his thing!

They were getting it, it was CUTE!

Rockstar STATUS!

The next day was Sat which = NATS GAME DAY! I was super excited!!!! I went with my friend Michelle, check out blog here. This was an amazing experience even though we sweated our lives AWAY!!!! I know I got a tan…LOL! The game was against the Pirates so there of course some fans for them there and sitting right in front of us. It was some randomly fun moments and we actually stayed for just about the entire game. We had great seats for $2 and enjoyed the company around us. The Nats of course lost, but who cares? We had fun!

Afterwards I headed to a cookout where I saw lots of Aggies, felt like home again. We had soooooo much fun. Like if Aggies are together, we get it in!!!!! I had a lot fun!

After this Cafe Asia was the partying spot, I got to hang wit my homie Newt. I had a lot of fun at the party and Wale showed up. Apparently a lot of people missed Wale being there which was strange…LOL! He rocked! I had a blast!

Here are pics from Sat::::

Can I play?


DJ Quicksilva! JAMMIN!

Trice BIRTHDAY!!!!

My Sunday turned out to be pretty cool even though I stayed in the house the entire day. When I was ready to leave out, a storm was approaching so I just stayed in and ate and then later hung out with my girls and Ozzie….lol. Our first stop was Indulj to see Future Band. They did pretty good, I love live bands and then we stopped to meet the rest of the crew and we were off to The District. I had so much fun and made a new friend so a successful evening, indeed.

Pics from Sunday::::

7th Grade Prom Much?!

Me and Ozzie…..he was like “Dana, when are you moving to NY?!”…..SOON SOON! =)

My Monday which was actually 4th of July was pretty chill. Went to brunch at my favorite place to go, Busboys and Poets. It was YUMMMY!!!!!! I had fun. I headed to some cookouts later which was cool. I was stuffed by cookout number dos. I pretty much called it an evening after that. My weekend was action packed and I enjoyed myself.

Here are pics from the 4th:::::

The bunny stopped to say Hello 😉