Summer Time Fly Weekend!

So my weekend sorta started on Friday when I met up with my friend that I haven’t seen in almost a year! It was sooooo freakin great seeing her! We went to H St Country Club. When I say they have the best margarita I have had in my life, YUMMY! And cheaper than Alero’s. I shall be back. I did get a vegetarian burrito, I probably should have gotten it with chicken because it wasn’t that great. But anyway we had to catch up on almost 10 months lost of things that were going on in our lives….how we have changed but not in bad ways. =)

Here are some pics from the up and coming beautiful H St and me and QI QI! =)

On Sat, I feel like I did alot and I sort of did now that I think about it. I was at work from 9am to 5pm then went to pick up wine for my friend’s birthday party. I actually have a bottle left for my friend’s birthday this Sat, #winning! So anyway the apartment is nicely decorated and my friend Nae Nae has on the cutest dress and tiara! This turned into a serious house party. They played some old CCB and we jammed! LOL! Everyone was feeling quite lovely later during the night. SO mad I stopped taking pictures after a while. After this I met up with a friend to go to the midnight cookout, but we headed out there way too late so the police were there to shut it down. We decided that the night was not over and headed to crazy Adams Morgan, like it was ridiculously packed, but the diner was a cool stop. 
Here are some pics from the evening:::::

“Serious Ron” lol

Nae Nae, the birthday girl!

Red Light Special….lol


Better pic of Dre and Karmin. HEY NOW! LOL!

The next day was Sunday where I had the day off and I relaxed most of the day since it was my first day off. I did get to see my chica Zena for her birthday!!! How fun, love this upbeat chic! We have a master plan too that I hope we get to get into more seriously! Exciting! I so stayed here way longer than I was supposed to, but my first day off, I did not feel like sitting in a meeting. So we celebrated Zena’s B-Day at Vapiano’s…..I literally ate all my food that I did not think I would finish. We had a blast and the red Sangria’s there are amazing!!!! We stayed here and talked for a while, girl talk, which I love! After this I did a shoot with Dizzy which is in the post before this one. This was fun but it was so hot out to be night.

After this I met up with my friend Kamiyla who lives in Cali and I haven’t seen her in forever! We started out waiting on our friend Toya then headed to U street and hit up Marvin’s but it was boring and most things on U street were closed so we headed to the area where The Park is and somehow started hanging with a random crew of cowokers/bachelor “party”….LOL….so random! We then decided what to do and piled in a cab with six of us and headed over to 18th street lounge. I got my life in this place! It is like an old mansion that is extra cool! There is one room with breakers, break dancing. It was DOPE! If I would have worn flats, I would have been joining in the circle grooving, I don’t know how to break dance…LOL. And so we discovered there was also an outdoor part which was just as cool as the inside. We could breathe out here and where we met some pretty cool people. It was people from everywhere there. This dude was salsa dancing with and he was from Colombia….crazy! I had a blast this night.

Pics from the Sunday:::::

Zean Beans!


Before & After

Number Tres

Mr. Peeping Tom -_-

Hangover 3 Nights…

Break Dancing Circle

These guys looked like they could be brothers

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