My Alexander McQueen Adventure

From the lyrics of Nicki Minaj, “I came up in it a little bit self centered
but did I kill a Queen, Alexander McQueen’s got a wrist on glow” which makes me just ponder why most don’t know who Alexander McQueen is. So many rappers have referenced this amazing designer.

Well anyway just wanted to give a little tid bit before I dabble into my adventurous Friday. I was supposed to escape to NYC early Friday but due to a late night Thursday, that didn’t quite happen. I regrouped and got myself together and headed out and ended up catching the 12:15pm bus which was way later than I planned. The buses air went out about 45 mins away from NY but as soon as we got to NY, we were in standstill traffic, it was crazy and it was torture. 

When I finally got there, my phone was dead and I had to make rational decisions because I didn’t know if my friend had not come to meet me or not, but he was there and everything went as planned. We headed to the MET museum where the line was wrapped around the beautiful fountain. We waited here for about 20 minutes and when we entered the museum, it was somewhat calm chaos. We didn’t know where to get our tickets to get into the exhibit so we finally discovered that and we headed to the line where it said a 2 hour wait! O_O!!!! But I had to see this exhibit, it was a must!

So we talked the entire time about whatever which made time go by without paying it major attention, after about an hour and a half, there is another sign that says an hour wait and I am like no way!!! So this line actually goes way faster than expected and before we know it, we are inside the exhibit!!!!

I mean I wish I could describe to you everything I saw but there is no way. The room you first enter are his most basic pieces with suiting jackets with exaggerated lapels, or 50 bottoms. I mean his detailing was out of this world! The next room you enter is dark and gothic like with leather and black feather dresses and then there is a case that I snuck a picture of with a gold feathered dress that is to die for! From here you enter the room of his pieces that were standouts in various shows. They have video playing of various shows and their is this robotic sound playing that sounds like they are saying numbers. The one that stood out the most the video of two machines looking as if they were about to attack this frightened model that had on a white puff dress (this description sucks but can’t think of another way to describe it) and she is spinning in the middle of the machines and they start spraying her as if she is a canvas with two different spray paint colors. It was pretty dope and creepy and theatrical. From here my mind blurs….it was sooooo much to see in there….like wow! I hope some of my descriptions take you on my journey.

Here are some pictures:::::