“Why should you look less than stylish on Laundry Day?”

Laundry Day (noun) (lawn-dree dey): A fresh clothing line created by Casey Renae
Origin: 2011
Whether you have lots of selections in the closet or down to your last pair of clean what-nots, you will always have stylish Laundry Day options. Created with the elite consumer in mind, Laundry Day brand clothing is comprised of quality t-shirts and designs that blend street art with minimalism. For the creative and fast-paced lifestyle, no longer does Laundry Day mean “basic white tee.” This brand gives a fresh, clean approach to the simplest of garb.

We will be adding a blog soon.

All pictures are credited with Photographer: DeAan Pridgeon, Art Director: Casey Renae, Make Up: Deya @deya1908.  And for more information to contact laundrydaybrand@gmail.com.

Check it out guys!!!!!! We all have our laundry days, why not be cute on them?!

Vintage Photoshoot

I had a friend in town that has been photographing me since about 2006 or 2007 and I learned a lot from him. He has taken awesome pictures of me and I had to do it again! I was at work and had a lightbulb idea to do a 1950’s/60’s type of photoshoot which turned out even more amazing than I knew it would already come out!

Take a look below::::::

Photo by: DeAan Pridgeon
Art Director: Casey Renae
Stylist and MUA: Me
Casey decided to make her way behind the camera too, lol, I love it!

Sunday BLISS

So this Sunday or weekend in general is filled with fun things to do. I am only attaching Sunday’s events since I can only attend those.

Here they are….take your pick or make it to all of them. =)

Draped Up (click it before you get a ticket. HA!)
Thank me later! Enjoy! =)

My Weekend Adventures

So I had a chance to slip some fun in last weekend. I made my way to the Lupe Concert on Friday with one of my friends that told me about it a while ago. I almost forgot about it because of all that be going on with work. But Lupe did pretty good. I got to see Wale perform a few songs and he did ok. He needs to have a better set up when performing because it still looks like an “upcoming artist” in my opinion.

Lupe is more on the rock side which I like and some people can’t get with it, but if you don’t change and try new things, then you will be boring!

Here are some pictures from the concert:::::

K. White and I
Randomness LOL!

The next day I was able to escape for a little bit on Saturday where I met up with my friend Imani that is doing thangs in NY! Love it! I made some new friends at the dinner, it was a lot of fun. And we had a comedian there, he had us dying! Great convos and we talked about goals we all want to achieve in the next 5 years. Awesomeness!

Here are some pics from dinner at one of my favorites, Busboys and Poets!
FOOD!!!! YUM!!!

Not quite ready…lol
Ready! =)
Sherbet, I mean Sorbet…LOL


Ok this weekend was cool but I missed out on a lot of things due to running late and not thinking things through. Well anyway I arrived in NYC on Friday, Sept 9th and was soooo ready to partake in the festivities. The first stop I made was at a nail shop where I got a $12 pedicure and they did a pretty good job. We then started to get ready for our evening which was over booked and we missed out on a lot of events. We made it to Triple L Society opening of his shop which was cool and they had some nice pieces.

Getting our weekend plans together. 
School Band was amazing! =)

We left this event to try to make it to the Blogger event but we were way too late and went to Rebel which is where we stayed for all of 5 minutes because it was a mess. We later when to Tammany which was the best idea ever! This DJ went all the way in!!!! I mean we partied! I had a blast!

Stopped here for food and it was amazing!!!!!

Funnest (made up word) cab ride ever! 

Me and James
Love This!

Best DJ EVER!!!!
The next day I got up at 9:30am and had to be at Custo Barcelona to intern at 10am. We were running a little late but what an amazing opportunity. I was acting as PR for the day and calling all kinds of people to confirm their attendance. It was pretty awesome but a long, long day. I was supposed to attend a show with my friend but I got us all turned around and we missed it. =( I felt bad.

We decided we still wanted to head out so we went to the Hudson Hotel for the after party for Eva Minge and it was an amazing location. The location was called the Library and they had books made into the wall. Outside was somewhat like a greenhouse/garden It was so relaxing and the bartender made us an amazing drink! It was way too yummy!
Mika looking fantab!

When then met up with our friend Shannon at a spot where Manny Fresh was DJ-ing and it turned out to be pretty fun. He played some super old stuff but it was fun! It was so much random funny stuff going on around us which made the night super funny.

GET IT!!!!
My last day in NY was a rush as usual but I got to do everything I wanted this day. I went to brunch with friends at a new spot called Agave which was awesome! I shall be back and hopefully next time the blender works so I can get frozen margaritas. After this I went on my hunt for the Marc Jacobs accessory store to realize it was closed and they combined it with another store. I did find a cool necklace that I got. I also got pulled and convinced to buy some body scrub, we shall see how great it is once I get a chance to try it. It smells really good!

After staying in Soho area for a while, I had to make sure I sure I stopped at the Lincoln Center. Check out my fashionable finds there. =)

Bob from An Unknown Quality

And then a water show began, it was pretty awesome.

This necklace!!!! 

This was a sum up of my trip, hope you enjoyed. =)

DC Fashion Night Out (FNO)

Ok so Fashion Night Out started out super rainy but the evening definitely went on. Our first stop was Brightest Young Things tent.

We created bouquets and made hair pieces out of fresh flowers as they had a DJ going in! And they served St-Germain which is now my absolute favorite! We stayed here for a while and chilled and then we were off! We stopped at Intermix first which is where I formally met @ralph_alston and he was great! Amazing store and the sushi was great!

Ralph at Intermix


Our next stop was Nectar Bar but not before we made a stop at the Hitched tent which is where there were mini Sprinkles cupcakes and a name that I can’t put my finger on of cake which was very interesting. I am now a Sprinkles fan, I have to go and visit them soon!

We made our way up the long hill on Connecticut Ave to see a store front with live models in their window. We took a few pictures and then finally made it to Nectar Bar which was so worth it! We tried the Oxygen machine which was great and then got a manicure with an amazing bright green color. We snagged a gift bag also from Nectar Bar which was cool.

Through the world of twitter, we found out that free was at Betsey Johnson so we rushed down to see her and were able to get picture with her. She was super sweet and her fro was inspiring me to wear my fro out a little more often. 
I lastly ended at Diesel which is where we pretty much sat down and chilled. I snapped a few pictures of the trendy ones around me.

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