DC Fashion Night Out (FNO)

Ok so Fashion Night Out started out super rainy but the evening definitely went on. Our first stop was Brightest Young Things tent.

We created bouquets and made hair pieces out of fresh flowers as they had a DJ going in! And they served St-Germain which is now my absolute favorite! We stayed here for a while and chilled and then we were off! We stopped at Intermix first which is where I formally met @ralph_alston and he was great! Amazing store and the sushi was great!

Ralph at Intermix


Our next stop was Nectar Bar but not before we made a stop at the Hitched tent which is where there were mini Sprinkles cupcakes and a name that I can’t put my finger on of cake which was very interesting. I am now a Sprinkles fan, I have to go and visit them soon!

We made our way up the long hill on Connecticut Ave to see a store front with live models in their window. We took a few pictures and then finally made it to Nectar Bar which was so worth it! We tried the Oxygen machine which was great and then got a manicure with an amazing bright green color. We snagged a gift bag also from Nectar Bar which was cool.

Through the world of twitter, we found out that free was at Betsey Johnson so we rushed down to see her and were able to get picture with her. She was super sweet and her fro was inspiring me to wear my fro out a little more often. 
I lastly ended at Diesel which is where we pretty much sat down and chilled. I snapped a few pictures of the trendy ones around me.

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