My Weekend Adventures

So I had a chance to slip some fun in last weekend. I made my way to the Lupe Concert on Friday with one of my friends that told me about it a while ago. I almost forgot about it because of all that be going on with work. But Lupe did pretty good. I got to see Wale perform a few songs and he did ok. He needs to have a better set up when performing because it still looks like an “upcoming artist” in my opinion.

Lupe is more on the rock side which I like and some people can’t get with it, but if you don’t change and try new things, then you will be boring!

Here are some pictures from the concert:::::

K. White and I
Randomness LOL!

The next day I was able to escape for a little bit on Saturday where I met up with my friend Imani that is doing thangs in NY! Love it! I made some new friends at the dinner, it was a lot of fun. And we had a comedian there, he had us dying! Great convos and we talked about goals we all want to achieve in the next 5 years. Awesomeness!

Here are some pics from dinner at one of my favorites, Busboys and Poets!
FOOD!!!! YUM!!!

Not quite ready…lol
Ready! =)
Sherbet, I mean Sorbet…LOL