“Why should you look less than stylish on Laundry Day?”

Laundry Day (noun) (lawn-dree dey): A fresh clothing line created by Casey Renae
Origin: 2011
Whether you have lots of selections in the closet or down to your last pair of clean what-nots, you will always have stylish Laundry Day options. Created with the elite consumer in mind, Laundry Day brand clothing is comprised of quality t-shirts and designs that blend street art with minimalism. For the creative and fast-paced lifestyle, no longer does Laundry Day mean “basic white tee.” This brand gives a fresh, clean approach to the simplest of garb.

We will be adding a blog soon.

All pictures are credited with Photographer: DeAan Pridgeon, Art Director: Casey Renae, Make Up: Deya @deya1908.  And for more information to contact laundrydaybrand@gmail.com.

Check it out guys!!!!!! We all have our laundry days, why not be cute on them?!

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