Franky’s Street Style Edition ATL SHAWTY

While in ATL I decided to get some pictures of some trendy folks I saw. One just happened to be a friend I hadn’t seen in ages! I was so excited to see her and she looked fab!!!

Here is mi amiga Qiana:::

Next is a Fashion student from the Art Institute in Atlanta. She looked freaking amazing!!! She took being bold to a new level and I adored! And she was from DC! ^_^
Check her out here:::


Turbans Rule


Turbans have been around for years and mainly for religious reasons or for various cultures. They started to be seen being worn by celebrities such as June Ambrose who I remember rocking them like a year ago. Turbans have been a trend that some people look at funny but they rock to me. They can make an outfit or give you an edgy look. Turbans can be made out of all kinds of fabric and sizes of fabric.

For those that are unaware of this trend, her are pictures of people of all ages rocking them and
rocking them well.

And for those curious about how to tie a turban and make one properly, check out Alex’s video below. =)
Mi amiga Shannon rocking her turban.

A friend of mines mom rocking a turban. GO MOM!

Red Bull EmSee

**Red Bull EmSee is an invitation-only battle series designed to find the best freestyle rappers in the country and give them a national platform to show their skills and earn acclaim. This year’s eight-city tour stops in DC at the Fillmore with The Trill OG: Bun B playing master of ceremonies. Up-and-comer Big K.R.I.T alongside veteran emcees Joe Budden and Devin the Dude will be doing double duty and judges and performers. The winner of the DC qualifier will advance to the finals in Atlanta this fall where he’ll vie for the national championship and an opportunity to record with a headlining producer of his choice.
WHEN: Monday, October 24
WHERE: Fillmore, 8656 Colesville, Road, Silver Spring, MD
Doors: 7pm. Show: 8pm
Ages 18+, Free all night
Red Bull EmSee’s innovative battle format challenges MCs to bring the true freestyle spirit back by adding a twist to the conventional head-to-head clash. During the competition, MCs are posed with a variety of challenges designed to showcase their technique, creativity and dexterity. In addition to spitting flows over beats and acapella, MCs are challenged to come up with hard-hitting verses straight off the dome based on visual cues and themes text messaged to screen by the judges and audience.
“The format of the challenge forces you to stick to the true essence of freestyling, which I think gives it freshness and definite authenticity,”
  • Red Bull EmSee National Champion, Fowl
Keep up with the latest of the Red Bull EmSee challenge in DC via Twitter by following: @redbullDC and the #rbemsee hashtag.
For information on other Red Bull EmSee tour stops, please visit

For interviews with artists, access to the media hour and media passes by 12pm Wednesday, October 19.**

(Info via D*Y*D*C)

Men’s Vintage Shops in the DC Area

Image is from

I have taken the hunt of finding vintage finds for guys in the Washington, DC area. I know that there are plenty of spots but I just don’t think guys have patience like women to look through loads and loads of clothing that are all different and nothing is alike.

Image from

Image from

I decided to do some research as well as use my some of my own vintage spots that I have been to many times. There are some stores that have loads of mens clothing and others that have small sections.
I will start out with the stores that I have seen the large sections. The first will have to be Georgia Ave Thrift which is located at 6100 Georgia Ave NW and this store has a huge section for men. You have to take a serious look but you might get lucky.
Georgia Ave Thrift Yelp Site
PollySue in Takoma Park has an entire downstairs portion dedicated to men’s vintage wear. They have some pretty unique pieces. I also always find that one piece for myself that is unique and one of a kind.
PollySue’s Website

Another place that will probably have a pretty big selection for guys is the Goodwill located at 2200 South Dakota Ave. I have never personally been inside this thrift store but I remember as a kid, we would drop stuff off here quite often. I would imagine them having a huge selection.
There is a new thrift shop that collects a lot of name brand merchandise that is a part of Martha’s Kitchen and it is called Martha’s Outfitters which is located on 14th st, not too far from U Street.
Martha’s Outfitters
Some stores that have small selections but could be worth your while is It’s Vintage Darling. I have seen some super cool pieces here for guys. They are quite selective and pick some of the most amazing vintage pieces. (not any men’s clothing available online)
I hope that I was able to cover your vintage needs because I know it can be hard trying to figure out where to go. I love vintage shops and love quality and unique pieces that no one else will have.

Image is from
Good luck with your vintage hunt fellas!

P.S. There is one more that I found out from a friend that is called Dr. K’s and it is located on U Street. They focus on men’s vintage clothing in particular.
Check them out here!

Gentleman Jack Nights

I had the pleasure of attending Arts, Beats, and Lyrics which was hosted by Gentleman Jack. This event had live bands, dj’s, artwork, and of course drinks. The event was pretty cool even though it took about almost over 30 minutes to get in and by the time I got in there was no more Gentleman Jack. Thanks. -_- But I met up with friends throughout being that I went alone. I knew I was going to run into a ton of people I knew so the night turned out to be fun.

We ended the night by stopping through Muse since I haven’t been there in a minute and my friend was working the party. I decided to stop by. How hood it was but I had fun.

Here are some pics from that evening:::

Niambi and I

Getting a little cray cray
And then there was MUSE


Hey Guys!!!!

I have been incognito! I have been on vacation, I needed it! Well anyway I had the pleasure of attending the Bethesda Row Boutique Week which is where I had the pleasure of seeing Dressed. It is a documentary about a guy who had family from Laos that moved to the U.S. for a better life. He grew up in an abusive home until he was put on the street at the age of 14. He went through foster homes while still trying to finish up high school. He did his first clothing line there.

He then graduated and went to college in NYC.  He decides to pursue his clothing line with full force. I don’t want to spill too much of the documentary but this is when things get real and they get interesting.

Here are some pictures::::

The Director,  Nary, and Capitol File

Nary and a Fashion Consultant I met

Nary and I
Check out more from this designer HERE

DC FABB Blogger Meet Up

This event took place at the lovely Nectar Skin Bar in Georgetown, check it out! =)

I had the pleasure of attending the Blogger Meet Up hosted by DC FABB. The organization is getting bigger and bigger by the day and I love it. I met some super cool people and got to see some familiar faces. I got my picture taken by a few. I must go and check out these blogger’s blogs! 
They had awesome finger foods and drinks that were made from Voli and were pretty tasty! They gave us manicures and goody bags to take with us and enjoy.
Here are some of the pictures from the event, ENJOY! =)

The Glam GIRLS,  Meaghan and I from Glamourina

My girl Michelle who has an amazing BLOG

Gwynne of Ear Candie

Thunder Soul

I had the honor of winning tickets to see Thunder Soul on Monday which is being presented by Jamie Foxx.  It is an amazing documentary about a band of high school students that had an amazing musician/artist leading them.  They took their talents to new heights at a young age and made their high school known throughout the WORLD.  I don’t want to tell too much of the movie, but definitely go and check it out. AWESOMENESS! =)

Last Weekend

Whew! How time flies and how I don’t ever have much time. I did a few fun things last weekend and didn’t take many pictures for some reason. I went to Alero’s Friday and invited friends to come out since I am always incognito. We then decided it was too early and walked to Adams Morgan to stop at Soussi….definitely got to go there again. On Saturday I helped my friend with a Trunk Show she did for a Bloomingdale’s meeting. It went really well and I must get a bag soon and so should you!

K White Collections

Me modeling for K. White’s Collection

Check out her page HERE

Ok so on Sunday, I had an action pack day. I started it out by going to a Natural Hair meet up at T.G.I. F. which was awesome! I met women with many different hair backgrounds and backgrounds period. It was awesome and everyone talked about their natural hair struggle and accomplishments….it can be hard for some but it is so worth it. There are now so many products for us to use…TAKE ADVANTAGE!!!!

This event was put together with Alex from The Good Hair Blog, Nou Nou from Natural Nou Nou, and Jocelyn from Curly Nu Growth<href="http: a=""
<href="http: a=""

<href="http: a="" http://www.curlynugrowth.comWe also received gift bags filled with goodies from Mahogany Roots which I have already used and it is great! I might need to make an order soon!

Some pieces from Alex.
May looked amazing! Her sister locs were so inspiring.  Might be my next move.  =)

The next event I made my way to was The Heart Gallery which was cool. There was one vendor that I will be inviting to an event I want to have in the near future. I need to figure out where but she had a jewelry collection almost like mine but more and for sale!

Her website is Shopwize Treasure Chest

Mila and Fire Vintage!!!!  Check out their site HERE

Yep that’s a real live mouse

Check me out in ALS Earrings

Jamal…..always fly!

Rodney, the host/creator of the Heart Gallery

This guy rocked!