Last Weekend

Whew! How time flies and how I don’t ever have much time. I did a few fun things last weekend and didn’t take many pictures for some reason. I went to Alero’s Friday and invited friends to come out since I am always incognito. We then decided it was too early and walked to Adams Morgan to stop at Soussi….definitely got to go there again. On Saturday I helped my friend with a Trunk Show she did for a Bloomingdale’s meeting. It went really well and I must get a bag soon and so should you!

K White Collections

Me modeling for K. White’s Collection

Check out her page HERE

Ok so on Sunday, I had an action pack day. I started it out by going to a Natural Hair meet up at T.G.I. F. which was awesome! I met women with many different hair backgrounds and backgrounds period. It was awesome and everyone talked about their natural hair struggle and accomplishments….it can be hard for some but it is so worth it. There are now so many products for us to use…TAKE ADVANTAGE!!!!

This event was put together with Alex from The Good Hair Blog, Nou Nou from Natural Nou Nou, and Jocelyn from Curly Nu Growth<href="http: a=""
<href="http: a=""

<href="http: a="" http://www.curlynugrowth.comWe also received gift bags filled with goodies from Mahogany Roots which I have already used and it is great! I might need to make an order soon!

Some pieces from Alex.
May looked amazing! Her sister locs were so inspiring.  Might be my next move.  =)

The next event I made my way to was The Heart Gallery which was cool. There was one vendor that I will be inviting to an event I want to have in the near future. I need to figure out where but she had a jewelry collection almost like mine but more and for sale!

Her website is Shopwize Treasure Chest

Mila and Fire Vintage!!!!  Check out their site HERE

Yep that’s a real live mouse

Check me out in ALS Earrings

Jamal…..always fly!

Rodney, the host/creator of the Heart Gallery

This guy rocked!



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