Very Motivated Women Dec 10th

I am going to be late and late with posting events. I changed jobs and time just left me behind this busy holiday season. I had the pleasure of attending an event called Very Motivated Women which showcased a few designers and vintage vendors. Some of them at the event were Gold Diggers, Curan J. of Kings Rule Together, Mila and Fire Vintage, Alex of ALS, and Demeanor.

This event was amazing with the various choices there. I won a bracelet thanks to my lucky number 22 from Goldiggers and bought an amazing pair of vintage earrings from Goldiggers as well for $10. I also got a beautiful bracelet from Alex of ALS

Here are some pictures from the event, ENJOY!

Ngozi, Ashley, MOI, and Lauren

Kelci of Mila and Fire, Alex of ALS, Shana of Gold Diggers, and Morgan of Mila and Fire
On the right is Londyn of Gold Diggers

My new found earrings. =)


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