Mila & Fire ReLaunch Expo

I am trying hard to post past events….January is almost over! Lol! This event was the beginning of the relaunch for Mila & Fire Vintage. These chicks find some of the most amazing vintage pieces. They had some other vendors there such as Alex from ALS, J Carmen Collection, Beads ByAree, Aminah Muse, Kings Rule Together, The Gold Diggers, Demeanr, and Rags to Richez.

Elle Maxewell gave us a great performance with some of her newest songs and DJ Mane Squeeze was on the 1’s and 2’s and took me back to Junior High School with the old go-go…ha!

This event was filled with goodies. I snagged some earrings from Beads ByAree which I have gotten major compliments on. I need to get another pair for my birthday outfit. 

Adele checking out some pieces

Jasmine started her own jewelry line which was very unique.

Alex with her ALS line

Me and my chica Adele

The one and only Elle Maxwell

The outfit on the left was designed by the chic on the right. =)

These shoes were DOPE!
Mila of Mila and Fire Vintage

Gigi always giving the people what they want
Check out Mila and Fire Vintage ReLaunched Website HERE

Styled By Yours Truly

I had a chance to collab with the creator of Defy and put together the styling for the t-shirt entitled MY HEART is HOMELESS. We wish we had video for this shoot. We had a lot of fun, a lot of people driving past in their cars were pretty curious about what we were doing, it was pretty fun.

This picture was the winning shot that made it on the t-shirt:::::

Model: Mika 
I need this one in my life, it is amazing!
Shirt can be purchased HERE

Trunk Show Series ReCap

I had the pleasure of attending the Trunk Series #Fridaythe13th at Studio 52 Artist Loft. This event was hosted by Gianni Lee and William VaJohn. My friend Jasmine Ward had a part in it as well, glad she is back! The event had a few vendors there such as The Gold Diggers, Madness, Flagship, and Curran J of Kings Rule Together.

We made a $5 donation that benefited SO Others Might Eat (S.O.M.E), a great DC charity that I found out has been serving the homeless for 40 years. Great cause!

Londyn of The Gold Diggers

Gianni Lee

Bob of Defy DC


They also had appetizers courtesy of Dffrnt Wrld Deli that were AMAZING! It was extremely healthy food that anyone could eat and enjoy and not feel bad about eating. All the dishes were good!

I ended my night by meeting up with some friends at Indulj and listened to Black Alley rock out!
Me and KEV! =)
This face might be familiar from half of Kelly Rowland and Beyonce’s videos, my homie for some years now Santron!!! =)

Sushi Taro Restaurant Week Review

I decided that I was going to try out one of the most expensive restaurant so I went through and researched some of the names on the list for restaurant week and came up with one. I choose Sushi Taro which is super small, intimate, and hidden. It is normally $50 and up to eat at this particular restaurant.

They change their menu on different days and offer different types of sushi and deals sometimes on wine depending on what you buy. They even offer flower service on their website. This would be an awesome anniversary spot or Valentine’s Day spot for that special someone.

I on the other hand took myself out to lunch since I somehow mysteriously played with the open table system and snagged a table for lunch.

The section I was in was where people specifically there for restaurant week sat, there were a lot of older men there in suits. I guess a lot of corporate people do their business meetings there. It was a pretty interesting place.

But for restaurant week you have a 3 course meal already set for you when you are at this particular restaurant with no substitutions. I can’t remember all that I had but it was all super fresh and delicious. There were maybe two things out of the entire meal I didn’t care for but super fresh sushi and everything was cooked to PERFECTION!

Enjoy the pictures:::

The soy sauce dispenser was super cute!

NYE in a Nutshell

I started my NYE off at a wedding for a good friend of mine. It was really nice and I was soooooo happy for her. Afterwards some of us were hungry and decided to go to a spot on H st which ended up not serving food at the time but we made our way to The Big Board which ended up being amazing! I will be back!

One of the best beers I have had in my life! =)
And then from here, I headed to U St to celebrate my friend/big sister Cheryl’s birthday and bring in the New Year.  Alero’s was a great choice! Good food, great cheap drinks, and great friends. I had a blast and was home before 2am…lol.

Refinery 29 DC

I love Refinery 29 DC, they show me major love! They did a post on 13 awesome pairs of shoes in DC and I made it on there! =)


My shoes are the top left corner. They’re some pretty well known people on there so I was pretty honored! =)

Andy Warhol Exhibit

I had the pleasure of attending the Andy Warhol exhibit at the National Gallery of Art. I went with one of partners in crime for events. The exhibit was well put together and showed how Andy Warhol used the newspapers as an inspiration to his creations.

Here are some pictures from the exhibit::

Image via Examiner

And last are pictures that I could actually take outside of the exhibit:::

This was the underground way of getting to a from the two different wings of the National Gallery #DOPE

More December Birthdays and Celebrations

I had the pleasure of attending my friend Rhonda’s birthday dinner at Dirty Martini. We also celebrated her graduating from Nursing school which I know she worked super hard to get through so KUDOS to you girl!!!
Here are some pictures from her outing:::

Check out that amazing CAKE!
And then I ended up at Dirty Martini a week later for another friend’s birthday. I had a pretty good time since I got there without rushing this time. I met some new people and made new friends which is always a plus! 😉
Check out pictures here:::
This burger and fries were great. Any burger or anything in general with Avacado, I’m SOLD!
Me in my H&M Versace shirt, I was super excited to find that like a week ago and Ms. Diva aka Ashley.. =)

These cupcakes were AMAZING! I must get my hands on these in the near future.