Purple Pill Babies Spring/Summer 2012 LookBook

Purple Pill Babies is proud to present our spring/summer 2012 LookBook-pt1 (as in more goodies coming soon!)
“Fruits Of My Labor”

Aesthetically this collection is inspired by health being the new wealth. All eye-ware in this collection is named & designed with much taste & style, very much unisex for women who seek style and class and men who can handle adding a little flavor to they’re look. The parallels of the title also represents how sweet it is to honor yourself as a healthy person first, all while being super busy and productive.
If we are not very careful in this industrial complex our mental, spiritual & social health begins to die and life is way too sweet to not live as long and fly as possible.

So with all that said…enjoy the array these 4 exotic shades will bring to the eye and wardrobe.

Purple Pills Babies is a clothing/accessory brand based out of Brooklyn, NYC. Purple Pill Babies takes very culturally rich elements and totally creates a hybrid of tradition and next level-ism. The CEO/Founder/Designer Tasiya Sealey created the term “Eclektic Afrikan-chic” to describe her sense of fashion, however trend is not a term that the company likes to be associated with as anything genuine/original is forever! Forever? ever?…Forever! Ever!

View “Fruits Of My Labor” @ https://www.facebook.com/PurplePillBabies
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