A Puerto Rico What??!?!?!?

So a few friends and I made our way all the way to Puerto Rico. Let’s see, where to begin? So Puerto Rico is one of those places where you might need to go and sit at the beach everyday, it is beautiful. Now eating locally, not so great. I went to a Burger King and is was TERRIBLE and I love me some Burger King. Oh and also cabs are outrageously high so try to walk everywhere if you can which we ended up doing.

Well on to the fun we had, we asked everyone that worked at the hotel what were the fun clubs to go to and party and they did not let us down. We had so much fun at the club. It was in a nearby hotel.

I must rewind and tell you about our amazing hotel. We stayed at The Water Club. Everyone was extremely nice, whenever we walked through the front door, someone opened it for us. It was hands down one of the best hotels I ever stayed in ever. We also had an amazing rooftop where you could see the entire beach, breathtaking.

So onto some other things we did there, we went to Old San Juan which is gorgeous. So many colorful houses and many hills. It reminds me of San Francisco a little. We walked for about an hour then we got restless but it was beautiful. We went back to the hotel that night and decided to eat at the restaurant in the hotel called Zest. This restaurant was AMAZING! The service was great, the food was amazing, and to add the icing to the cake, the chef surprised us and brought out the desert for us as an appreciation. They created the entire presentation of the dessert right in front of us. It was amazing, they treated us very well.

That was a little blurb of my trip now enjoy this pictures::::



Fashionistas in Puerto Rico!

This was not at a zoo, this lizard was just hanging out…lol.

Where we did all of our partying. This hotel reminded me of Vegas.

I hope these pictures took you on some of my journey. šŸ˜‰


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