I had my encounter with Styleliner, not even 5 minutes from my job. I walked up and took a picture immediately. The truck was super cute and when you walked in, you weren’t quite sure what you were walking into but once I stepped all the way in. I was in clothing, shoe, and accessory heaven. Did anyone else go and check them out?

I was just curious about the prices. I understand they need to make a profit for gas, to survive, to make a sale, and whatever else but everything was SUPER expensive. I think the cheapest thing I saw was a bracelet for $50. They did have some extremely unique pieces but so out of the average persons budget, I’m just saying. But I think the idea is great of being able to see pieces we wouldn’t otherwise see.

Enjoy the pictures::






2 thoughts on “Styleliner

  1. The liner looks pretty cool, this is the first time i’ve paid attention to the pictures in peoples blog of it! I’m glad you were honest about the prices cause I would be have been peeved to get there and see the prices.

  2. Yes girl, those prices were SKY HIGH…I was like OHHH NO! Not today. And the girl on the bus seemed like she was slightly pressuring me which I so HATE!

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