Something for the Ladies to Get into this Weekend!!!




Here is the spa day “save the date”, my hair stylist is adding “Mobile Spa Parties” to her already long resume. This spa party will be a demo/launch party on Saturday July 28th at 6 in which you will receive light refreshments, a shellac manicure, mini pedicure and facial for $40! We will be taking pictues to add to her website and using you all to promote the business! I am in charge of promotions/marketing/social media of her company so I was able to choose you lovely ladies to partake in the launch!
Once you pay for the spa day I will send you a confirmation email, if you pay by the end of the month you will receive a special goodie bag so don’t delay!! I think you will enjoy yourselves at the spa party and I hope you will suggest my hair stylist to others for their pampering needs.
This message is from the person helping to put the event together…if you would like more info, leave a message with your email and I can connect you to the person in charge. =)

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